Big Profits Plan Is a Scam! Is That the Truth or Not?



Big Profits Plan is a scam or not? They really hype up how quickly and easily you’ll make big money with their program, but is it genuine or just a lot of sales hype, designed to get your money?

Let’s take a closer look and uncover the truth….



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Big Profits Plan Is a ScamCompany Name: Big Profits Plan

Owner: Richard Paul

Price To Join: $47

My Rating: 1/10



~ Big Profits Plan Review ~


What Is Big Profits Plan?

The first thing I notice is the guy presenting the very hyped up (but tell you no real details) sales video. I recognise him from other similar videos I’ve watched over the months, all promoting some rather dodgy scheme in most cases.

His name is Richard Paul and I’ve actually reviewed other products that he has presented:

To name a couple. I’ve also seen the guy involved in other sales videos for products I’m yet to write a review on. Likely he is just a paid actor/video producer that people hire to present their videos.

Anyway, if you visit the website and watch the sales presentation, you’ll find it tells you very little about how you’ll be making all this money they proclaim. What you’ll be dazzled with are juicy daily and monthly income figures, and be told just how quick and easy it’ll all happen for you.

Just join and you’ll be on your way to wealth and freedom, is basically the message being relayed to viewers here.

That’s always a huge red flag in my experience. Any legit platform will be happy to expose what’s involved and what they’re all about. Those that won’t divulge information are usually either scams, or the product they are promoting is really only there to mask a different product or platform.


Big Profits Plan Is a Scam


What Big Profits Plan Is Really About

I don’t know whether you’ve heard of a MLM platform called Digital Altitude, which now goes by the name of Aspire, but that’s what Big Profits Plan is really trying to sell you. This website has merely been created by an affiliate of Aspire in an effort to get people to join Aspire under him/her.

Now ordinarily there’s nothing at all wrong with an affiliate trying to promote something and earn a commission, so long as they’re transparent and upfront about it.

This person is not. In fact, the owner of Big Profits Plan says he/she is going to share their secret system with you.

Aspire is no secret at all. The only secret here is Big Profits Plan refusing to reveal what they are really all about.

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Aspire Slogan


So What Is Aspire All About?

Aspire is very similar to platforms like MOBE, Super Affiliate Network and others. They offer a series of products and training packages, all sold separately and designed to teach you how to make money on the internet. However, Aspire is all about selling itself to others.

If you join Aspire the idea is for you to preferably go “all in” and purchase everything on offer.


Because unless you own a particular product or training package yourself, you are not eligible to earn affiliate commissions if you make sales of that product. As an Aspire affiliate, it’s your job to recruit others into Aspire and encourage them to buy as many products as you can.

They don’t really show people how to go out into the world and set up an independent online business. They just teach people how to sell and recruit people into Aspire.

You can earn some big commissions as an Aspire affiliate, but you need to spend up big first to be commission-eligible. To go “all in” will cost you close to $60K!


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What I Like

  • Not a hell of a lot


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • They use fake news endorsements to make their platform sound legitimate
  • Richard Paul is likely a paid actor who seems to promote all manner of programs online
  • The creators of Big Profits Plan are not upfront about the fact they are Aspire affiliates
  • To go all in with the Aspire deal is super risky and will cost you at least one arm and probably two legs
  • They claim you will receive $500 just for watching the sales video, but this never happens. Watch the video and put it to the test
  • Fake testimonials are plastered all over their website, with everyone claiming they are making huge money
  • This is nothing but a feeder site to funnel people through to Aspire/Digital Altitude
  • They make it all sound way easier and faster than it actually is


Big Profits Plan Fake News


How Much Does Big Profits Plan Cost?

If you do decide you want to join Aspire, then you can just bypass this Big Profits Plan website and go to the Aspire website directly. It’ll cost you a minimum of $47 to become an Aspire member, but that’s merely the beginning of the upsells funnel, and you will be pressured into spending thousands more.


Is Big Profits Plan a Scam?

I don’t rate Aspire as an outright scam in any way, but Big Profits Plan is a rather deceptive website that pretends to be offering its own “secret” way to make money online, when all its purpose is, is to drive people through to Aspire. Why not just say so?

Aspire has some decent training, but I just don’t like the way all the focus is on selling Aspire and not training people to set up an online business where they can promote whatever they like AS WELL AS Aspire. Then I’d be reasonably fine with it.

Aspire also has loads of upsells, which I’m not a fan of. You have to purchase everything separately, and if you don’t, you can’t make any commission on promoting a product you haven’t first purchased yourself. I don’t really like that either.

If I sell an Amazon product as an affiliate, I don’t first have to buy the product to be eligible for a commission. Aspire and others are a little bit greedy in that way, but hey, that’s how those companies make their money; by forcing their members to buy their products. That’s exactly what almost all MLM ventures do too.


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