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What is Level Rewards? A scam or decent way to make some extra coin online? There are loads of rewards sites out there, but is this one worth joining or not?

Let’s take a closer look and find out….


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Level Rewards ReviewsCompany Name: Level Rewards

Owner: Level Rewards

Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 4/10



~ Level Rewards Reviews ~


What Is Level Rewards?

Level Rewards is yet another in a long streams of rewards sites proliferating the internet. This is not a global opportunity, as the site is restricted to participants from the USA, UK, Canada and Australia only.

The site is very similar to other GPT (get paid to) sites like Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars. You complete simple, everyday tasks and earn small rewards for your time and effort. Companies pay Level Rewards in return for the data and input from the members, then Level Rewards compensates its members in turn.

While you can make a little bit of pocket money with rewards sites, it's not going to amount to much for the time you spend on them. A far better way to make real money online is with affiliate marketing. It's what I do for a living.

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How It Works

Joining Level Rewards is completely free, but as mentioned it is limited to only 4 countries. You also have to be over 18.

You start out by filling out a very simple registration form, followed by completing your profile information. Once you have done this you are good to go to start earning rewards.


How To Earn Money

First up, the moment you join you’ll receive a sign up bonus worth $5 to get you started. You can also earn more rewards by referring new members to the site through a unique sign up link Level Rewards give you.

The main focus of Level Rewards is for members to earn rewards by signing up to trial offers from various companies. While most of the trial offers start out free, there are also paid offers.

Keep in mind too, that even the free trials become paid deals after the trial period is over, and your credit card will get charged if you forget to cancel the offer.

As you sign up for more trial offers and build up your rewards, you will also advance up the levels within Level Rewards (hence the name). For each full rewards credit you earn, you will advance. Some trial offers come with a full 1 credit, while others only offer partial credits. The top level is Level 10.


Level rewards Rewards


How Much cash Will You Earn?

The answer: Not much.

These sites never offer anything generous in the way of compensating you for your valuable time.

The real idea behind this scheme is to get others into it. For every level one of your direct referrals reaches, you will be rewarded with $5. Apart form getting new recruits, there really isn’t many ways you can earn. It’s all about recruiting.

If you can become a master recruiter – through your website, social media accounts, or even your friends and relatives – then you may have a chance to make some decent part-time cash. If you don’t recruit, you’ll make virtually nothing.

Potentially you can earn up to $50 per referral. To earn from a recruit reaching a certain level, you must also have reached that level.

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Getting Paid

Fortunately Level Rewards does pay out in real money and not online subscriptions or gift cards. Cash outs are paid through PayPal approximately 24 hours after you request a payout.


Target Audience

Really anyone who hangs out online and would like to earn some extra cash in their spare time. You won’t get rich from it, and you won’t be replacing your day job anytime soon.


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What I Like

  • Earn up to $50 per referral
  • They pay in real cash via PayPal
  • The setup seems really simple


What I Don’t Like

  • The deal is only available in 4 countries
  • You have to give companies your credit card details when joining trial offers
  • If you don’t cancel the free trials you join, your card will get charged after the trial period ends
  • The only real way to make money in this gig is to recruit new members
  • You likely won’t make very much money at all


How Much Does Level Rewards Cost To Join?

It technically doesn’t cost anything to join Level Rewards, but like I said, if you forget to cancel the trial offers, your credit card will be billed for every single offer you don’t cancel. This could end up proving very costly if you forget. The idea here is to make some money, not spend more than you earn.


Level Rewards Level Up


Is Level Rewards a Scam?

I don’t see any scam here, except it almost smells like a Ponzi scheme. The only reason I wouldn’t classify it as one is that you don’t have to invest money or pay a joining fee.

There is a little bit of money to be made if you are good at recruiting. Keep in mind that your recruits need to be active once they join. If they don’t take action, complete trial offers and move up the levels, you earn nothing.

It might be worth a try if you believe you have what it takes to entice new members on board. If not, give it a miss, because Level Rewards is all focused on recruiting to earn.


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If the goal is to find a way to make real money online, and perhaps even replace your day job, then you won’t find that kind of opportunity with rewards sites like Level Rewards. You need to get involved in something that has the potential for growth, where the more you do, the bigger the payday.

With my affiliate marketing business, much of my income now comes in passively; meaning work I did in the past still makes me money today. This business takes work, but it’s actually really simple. Anyone can do it if they are committed enough.

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