Cash Relief Now Is a Scam or the Real Deal?



Cash Relief Now is a scam or isn’t it? Is this really a program that will provide relief from the financial stresses of life, or is there something else going on beneath the surface?

Let’s take a closer look and uncover the truth…



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Cash Relief Now Is a ScamCompany Name: Cash Relief Now

Owner: William Johnson

Price To Join: $19.99/Month bare minimum

My Rating: 0/10



~ Cash Relief Now Review ~


What Is Cash Relief Now?

These guys claim to have discovered a loophole that can get you cash relief if your income level is below $150,000 a year. The guy in the video starts rambling on about President Donald Trump and an economic stimulus package.

It’s actually a little confusing watching the sales video, as the presenter doesn’t really make a lot of sense. The gist of it is they’ve discovered a secret loophole that allows you to take advantage of Trump’s economic recovery plan and you can cash in if you join Cash Relief Now.

They also claim the cash is quick and easy, something that always raises red flags for me. This one has all the ear marks of a classic “get rich quick” scheme. Anytime a sales video rambles on about making loads of money and it’s all easy, it’s generally either a scam, or at least a platform that really can’t live up to the promises made.


Cash Relief Now Is a Scam


What This Program Really Is

Cash Relief Now has nothing to do with taking advantage of some government loophole in an economic stimulus package. Far from it.

This program, platform, training package or whatever you want to call it, is nothing more than a feeder site for something else. The guy who created this website uses deceptive tactics to lure you into another program called MOBE.

Countless MOBE affiliates use this ploy, where they create a website, make it sound like they have something new to offer to help you earn an income, and when you join you are simply just joining the MOBE platform.

Why do these people bother?

Because they are MOBE members and affiliates. The more people they can get to join MOBE, the more money they make.

Now, in essence there is nothing at all wrong with trying to sell people something for an affiliate commission, but be upfront about it. Be transparent regarding what you are really offering, rather than pretending you have something new and innovative when it’s nothing but a funnel for another program.

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What Is MOBE?

The letters in MOBE represent “My Own Business Education”, and it’s essentially a platform full of various training modules to teach you how to make money online, but more specifically, they teach you how to sell MOBE to others and earn commissions.

Virtually every product in MOBE has to be purchased separately, and in order to be eligible to earn commissions on a particular product, you must first have purchased the product yourself.

There is a lot going on over at MOBE and some of the training packages cost well into the $1000s. It’s really a bit like a money matrix, where you buy in at more expensive levels in order to earn bigger commissions.

I don’t think MOBE is a scam at all, but the main focus at MOBE is selling MOBE, and to go all in would cost you close to $50k.

As an affiliate, you do have a chance of earning some pretty juicy commissions, if you can convince others to buy into their high ticket offers. MOBE is all about upsells, and those upsells never seem to end.


Mobe Logo


Target Audience

Cash Relief Now initially sounds like it’s targeted at struggling families requiring some sort of cash relief benefit courtesy of the government. What this platform is really targeting is people looking to start an online business venture, only that’s not apparent just from watching the sales pitch.


What I Like

  • MOBE itself is okay and you can make some high commissions if you’re good enough


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What I Don’t Like

  • I don’t like the way the owner of this site, and so many other MOBE affiliates, pretend they have some new platform just to lure people into joining MOBE
  • This must be a practice taught at MOBE because there is an endless stream of affiliates using this dodgy ploy
  • The sales pitch for this platform is totally bogus, as in there is no cash relief loophole
  • The amount of money you can earn and how quick and easy it is to earn it is grossly exaggerated
  • This is nothing but a feeder site to funnel people into the ultra expensive MOBE platform
  • I don’t like the way MOBE makes you purchase a training package first before you can earn commissions promoting it. Most affiliate offers don’t work that way


How Much Does Cash Relief Now Cost?

It costs $19.95 a month at a bare minimum just to become a member of MOBE. Once in, the upsells will commence in earnest. And really, to make money with MOBE you do need to spend quite a lot so you are eligible for those high ticket commissions.

As I mentioned earlier, many of the products at MOBE cost well into the thousands, and if you were to buy them all so you could earn on them all, you’ll be looking at close to $50,000.

That’s some big bucks to spend.


Mobe Services


Is Cash Relief Now a Scam?

Would I define the Cash Relief Now website as a scam?

I’d have to say I would, despite MOBE being a real platform. Too many deceptive tactics have been employed here, plus the total BS about the loophole in Trump’s economic stimulus package. That’s just complete fantasy.

If you want to take a look at MOBE, just go directly to the MOBE site. Skip this affiliate website. If the person running it can’t be honest and tell you what they’re really offering, then they don’t deserve your commission.


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2 thoughts on “Cash Relief Now Is a Scam or the Real Deal?

  1. Hi Darren,

    Wow, that all looks a bit dodgy for me.  I am so over getting the run around from systems and people just not being up front – it is just ridiculous and unfortunately those new to the online world can fall for these so called “make money quick” schemes.

     I am glad I found a real platform, got to try it out for free, see what they had to offer in regards to tools, support community and thrilled to say I have never looked back. 

    Thanks to people like you Darren whom highlight these shady deals online!

    • Hi Sharon. Glad you found my review helpful. Yep, the internet seems to be full of shady deals. There is a lot of good stuff out there as well when it comes to training and making money, but it often gets buried under all the scams and schemes full of false hype and fake promises. Cash Relief Now is yet another one that tarnishes the reputation of making money online. Scams tend to have 3 main things in common:

      1. Quote big earning potential
      2. Money comes in quickly
      3. You hardly have to do any work

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