Is Ask Wonder a Scam? Can You Really Make Money As An Online Researcher?



Is Ask Wonder a scam? Perhaps that’s a questions you’ve been asking if you’re thinking of joining this online personal assistant researcher site. And can you really make money with Ask Wonder?

Let’s take a closer look and find out…



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Is Ask Wonder a ScamCompany Name: Ask Wonder

Founder: Wonder HQ

Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 6.5/10



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What Is Ask Wonder?

Ask Wonder – also known simply as “Wonder” – is based in New York and commenced operations fairly recently in 2015. The premise of the platform is to provide companies requiring research on certain topics with a ready-made workforce on hand to conduct that research.

As a researcher you will be earning small amounts of money to answer research questions. Now, in order to provide the answers, obviously some time spent researching your answers will be required, and that’s what Ask Wonder is paying you to do.

Companies requiring certain research contact Ask Wonder to find them researchers, paying for the privilege, then Ask Wonder pays people like us to conduct the necessary research and provide the answers to the brief.

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Ask Wonder How It Works


How It Works

If you decide you want to join Ask Wonder and try it out, you will first have to proceed through an application process. You will be given a series of questions to answer, and your proficiency for the job will be determined by the answers you provide.

Once you are accepted into the Ask Wonder stable of qualified researchers, you will then be able to start taking on researcher tasks and earning some income. From now on you will be known as an “Analyst” for the company.

In the past Analysts could pick and choose which jobs they wanted to do, but that has since changed. These days you have to wait to be assigned specific tasks by the Ask Wonder staff. When assigned a task, you do your research, answer the questions, then earn some money for your efforts.

You are paid per answer you successfully complete. Keep in mind that some research tasks are quite involved, will require a lot of research and a lengthy response in the form of your answer to the topic brief. It’s not as simple as multiple choice answers offered up in paid surveys. This is a lot more in-depth than that.


How Much Cash Can You Make?

This will vary quite a lot. The average rate of pay for providing a detailed answer to a research question is between $6 and $8 per question. Some are as high as $15. The length of time it takes to research a topic and write your answer can vary enormously. The average is around 15-20 minutes, but this really depends on the topic and the speed of the Analyst.

I’ve read reports that state some topics can take as long as 2 to 3 hours to successfully complete. If the pay for that is only $15, then it’s not a very good pay rate.

If a topic takes you 20 minutes and pays you $8, then that’s pretty good, as it works out to a $24 per hour rate.

Ask Wonder pay all their Analysts every 2 weeks via PayPal, so you will need to have an active PayPal account in place in order to work for this research organisation.

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Let’s Look At Some Common Complaints

Firstly, people who have been doing tasks for Ask Wonder for some time are not happy with the change made from being able to choose their own tasks, to having to wait to be assigned specific tasks. In the past people could pick and choose from a variety of topics and choose something that suited them best. Now that’s not the case. Now you are often assigned topics that you have no knowledge or interest in.

Another common complaint is this.

Once you complete a research task, it then has to be reviewed by a member of the Ask Wonder staff, where it is either denied for not being up to scratch, or approved. If it gets rejected, you make nothing for all that time you spent on researching and writing for the brief. Many people claim the reviewers are too harsh and reject countless tasks, denying people any income. The review process is obviously a necessary one to keep the standards high, but the general consensus is it’s way too strict. Sometimes you will be asked to revise your answer and resubmit, while other times it is rejected outright.


Target Audience

This platform is really targeted at anyone in the US who wants to make some extra money online, and who is fairly proficient at researching and writing up clear answers to illustrate their findings. You won’t make a fulltime gig out of it, but the pay rates are not too bad, and it could be good for some extra cash on the side.


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What I Like

  • This is a different concept to what I’ve seen before
  • The pay rates seem a lot fairer than those attached to rewards and survey sites
  • The work can be very interesting and informative at times
  • They pay in real money every 2 weeks by PayPal


What I Don’t Like

  • The review process sounds very strict
  • You can no longer pick and choose your own tasks
  • The longer briefs don’t sound like they pay very well for your time
  • They have a referral program, but instead of earning money for referring new people, all you get is the right to ask a free research question on the platform
  • Because of some regulations that are not made clear, Ask Wonder cannot accept prospective Analysts from New York, Massachusetts, or California


How Much Does Ask Wonder Cost?

Ask Wonder is free to join as an Analyst, but first you have to go through the application stage and get accepted before you can start earning.


Ask Wonder Research


Is Ask Wonder a Scam?

No, not at all. There are some complaints about the company, but every single company on Earth will suffer some complaints. You can’t please everyone. It’s definitely legit and not a scam. I think the platform is okay in a number of ways and certainly pays better than doing online surveys and the like.

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