Is “Aussie Method” a Scam Downunder?



Is Aussie Method a scam or a legitimate opportunity to make a fortune trading binary options? Will this scheme set you up for a life of luxury, or send you straight to the poor house?

Let’s take a closer look and find out…



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Is Aussie Method a ScamCompany Name: Aussie Method

Owners: Jake Pertu

Price To Join: $250 + investment to start

My Rating: 0/10



~ The Aussie Method Review ~


What Is the Aussie Method Exactly?

Programs to make money with binary options trading seem to be everywhere these days. The “Aussie Method” is yet another that promises riches with their automated, push button trading software. In fact, the Aussie Method is very similar to, or exactly the same as, other trading software I’ve seen before. One that immediately springs to mind is the “Brit Method”. Sound familiar?

As usual when you get to the website you are greeted with a video full of hype and pictures of extravagant lifestyles. They sell the dream and huge dollar figures, but really fail to tell you anything about the nuts and bolts of the program and exactly how it’s going to enable you to afford such an opulent existence.

The video is full of actors you will likely see in other “make money online” schemes, and the same goes for the profiles for the fake testimonials. Most of these people sell their services on Fiverr for exactly these types of gigs. One actor claims he made over half a million dollars with Aussie Method in just one month.

It would be awesome if it were true, but unfortunately it’s just sales hype to draw you into the scammy scheme.


How Does Aussie Method Work?

When you join you will be directed to their most trusted broker. It’s actually a website called You will need to use a credit card to fund your trading account, and it’s a minimum of $250 to get started. Once you put money into that broker’s trading account, Jake Pertu (if that’s even his real name) will get paid a commission.

Now that your trading (gambling) account is activated, it’s time to make use of that automated trading bot software  and tell it to go ahead and do all the hard work for you. This is the time where you will lose your initial investment and likely receive a call from your “trusted” broker to deposit more so you can keep on trading.


Why it Won’t Work

Unless you are a highly experienced and knowledgeable trader who understands the markets and studies them all the time, then your trading efforts will be pure speculation, which is gambling. The broker wants you to lose, because then he gets to keep your cash. Even the automated software that monitors the markets and places trades on your behalf is likely to lose most of the time. Which is the exact opposite to the almost 100% win rate the makers of these bogus trading systems claim.

There are just too many variables for automated software to accurately be able to predict, with any degree of certainty, which trading option is going to be a winner. And it’s even harder for the amateur trader thinking all he/she has to do is input the money, press the go button and watch the dollars flow into their bank account.

It’s just not going to happen.


Target Audience?

Binary options trading schemes are usually aimed at the uninitiated. They certainly are not aimed at seasoned traders, as they would see through the farce instantly. With all the hype in the videos and on the websites that peddle these dodgy demons, the emotions that trigger the get rich quick mentality are brought fully into play. If you are a beginner trader, or just looking for a way to make money on the internet, never rush into anything and always give everything a good hard look first.


The Pros

  • Nothing


The Cons

  • It’s all a hyped up con
  • The money claims are ludicrous
  • Actors star in the videos and in the testimonials. They’re not genuine people
  • Robot-driven software can’t accurately predict the markets
  • This same program has been released under a variety of different names
  • You’re likely to lose big if you keep on investing dollars into this
  • Reps from the brokerage firm will call you, hustling you to deposit even more cash


Aussie Method Scam


Tools and Training

There is no training because firstly, the software does all the trading for you, and secondly, they don’t want you to learn how to trade. They want to take your money and certainly don’t want you making many winning trades. The only tool you need is the bot software.


How Much Does the Aussie Method Cost?

An initial investment of at least $250 or more. Once you lose that, then the sky is the limit on what this bogus system will end up costing you in the long-term.


Is Aussie Method a Scam?

I certainly believe it’s a scam just like the many other versions of automated binary options trading software out there today. The person luring you into the deal will get paid and so will the brokers. The only person likely not to make any money is you.

Give it a miss. Find somewhere better to invest your time, your nerves and your dollars.

Schemes like this one are a lot like gambling, so you might have better luck with this lotto system.


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