Is Home Job Source a Scam or Not? Read This First!



Is “Home Job Source” a scam or not? Or is it really possible to make hundreds of dollars a day from link posting? Will big companies really pay for that, or is that just some sort of sales line to get your hard earned money off you?

Let’s check it out and see what it's all about…



Is Home Job Source a ScamCompany Name: Home Job Source

Owner: Kelly Simmons

Price To Join: $97 and Upsells

My Rating: 0/10



~ The Home Job Source Review ~



This website is all about helping people find legit ways to make money on the internet, as well as training programs that are of value. I highlight the good stuff I come across, as well as expose the many make money scams that are out there. Glad to see you've found your way to this review, as it means you're smart and do your research before jumping into anything.


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What Is “Home Job Source” and How Does It Work?

Well, every day I seem to come across another link posting scam from the same dodgy group of people; only they change the name of the scam and the name of the fictitious person who runs it. This time Kelly Simmons’ name has returned. She also fronts a few of the other scams put out by this mobs, such as “Home Jobs Today”.

Other examples of the same scam under different names include:

  • Accelerated Income
  • Cash From Home
  • WahRev

To name just a few from the growing list.

Home Job Source, just like all the others, is basically a fake business/work from home opportunity. All they offer is a dodgy link posting scam that will make no one any money. The real reason they want you to join is to first get their hands on your expensive $97 joining fee. These people are affiliates of other training programs out there, and once you join one of these scam sites, they constantly try to upsell you to expensive platforms so they can get a commission. These scammers have even been known to sell your information to third parties, so you start getting spammed in your email and phone for all sorts of things you didn’t ask for.

They all claim the exact same thing and all their websites and advertising look very similar. For just an hour per day online you will be making close to $400 for randomly posting affiliate links all over the internet. They claim that giants like Amazon will pay you $15 to place links on social media etc.. It’s all a complete load of bollocks. Amazon don’t pay anyone in this fashion. Yes, they have an affiliate program, but you don’t get paid until someone actually clicks your affiliate link and buys something.

The link posting thing is merely a ruse, something to make the program sound legit and worth the dollars.

All their video actors, the people fronting the programs, the testimonials, they’re all fake.


Is Home Job Source a Scam


Is Cash From Home a Scam


They Were Never Featured On the News

Every one of these scam sites like Home Job Source that I come across claim to have been positively spotlighted on the major news networks. This is all total BS. Anyone can post these TV channel banners on their website. The only reason this mob do it is to make their deal sound believable so you'll join and hand over your money.

The only way this opportunity would ever end up on the news would be to expose it for the dodgy scheme that it truly is.


Fake News Banner


Limited Positions Available? Nope

Many legit operations and scams alike use this method to get people to hurry up and make a purchase. Sometimes it will be a limited time offer, but in the case of Home Job Source, they claim there are only limited spots for their awesome "job offer", and if you don't be quick and join, you'll miss out.

Ignore this kind of ploy. It's simply not true. Visit their website again in a couple of days and you'll find there are still spots available. They're not going to turn down anyone's money. No way.


Target Audience

What these parasites prey on are people who are looking for an opportunity online, but have no idea how to make money on the internet or how things work. These scammers take advantage of that. They also take advantage of people who really need money fast and are desperately seeking out a way to find that cash.


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The Pros

  • There are no positives to name here as the platform offers nothing of value


The Cons

  • Everything about Home Job Source is a charade
  • Same dodgy system under a new name
  • Link posting won’t make you a dime
  • This is becoming a well known scam now
  • They always make out that there are limited opportunities available
  • The news and TV spots are fake
  • Their videos and testimonials are false
  • They sell your details to third parties
  • They harass you with upsells into expensive training programs


Tools and Training

They supply you with the most generic and basic of websites designed as a place to share some links in conjunction with spamming your social media accounts and forums. They also offer some extremely simplistic training on affiliate marketing and how to link post.


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How Much Does “Home Job Source” Cost?

$97 is the price you will pay to join this empty program. They charge the same price for all their sites. It’s always $97, so that might be a bit of a giveaway if you come across other sites that charge that figure. After you pay your joining fee you will be bombarded with upsells, some of them costing thousands.

The solution to this dilemma is not to join Home Job Source in the first place.


Is “Home Job Source” a Scam?

This is a scam for all money, just like the numerous other scams these scammers have plastered all over the internet. All are link posting jobs and all follow pretty much the exact same theme. They also make the same ludicrous promises of really good money for very little effort.

Stay well away from Home Job Source and all of the other websites that look like the same thing, because they are the same thing.


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2 thoughts on “Is Home Job Source a Scam or Not? Read This First!

  1. I’ve never heard of this company before, but
    I’m glad I came across your site and read your review.

    I find it funny that they think you can make lots of money just by placing random links everywhere. If that was the case we’d all be rich.

    The sad part though is people really looking for a way to make some extra money online fall victim to this and lose their hard earned money.

    • This mob have dozens of websites with different names all promoting the same scam. They promise easy daily money online for a job that’s a complete fabrication. Once you pay your joining fee, you then get hit with multiple expensive upsells to drain and drain your wallet further. I’m still seeing new versions of this scam every few days.

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