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Is Mommy Jobs Online a scam or not? It’s a natural enough question when there are so many make money scams out there promising the world. Does this platform deliver on its promises, or is it just a way for the site owners to take your money?

Let’s take a look and find out…



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Is Mommy Jobs Online a ScamCompany Name: Mommy Jobs Online

Owner: Who Knows?

Price To Join: Up To $210

My Rating: 2/10



~ Mommy Jobs Online Review ~



It’s a good thing that you are here reading this review of Mommy Jobs Online. It means you like to do your research before joining something like this job board and hand over your money. There are a lot of good opportunities online, but there are also many con jobs as well. I like to reveal both the good stuff and the bad on my website so readers can know what’s hot and what’s not.


What Is Mommy Jobs Online?

The “Mommy Jobs Online” website is essentially an online job board, where members pay a variety of fees to access certain areas of the site to find work from home jobs that can be done in your spare time.

If you’re a stay at home mom (or dad) and are looking for ways to supplement the family income, then this kind of work can be ideal. You want to be home to take care of the kids and spend time with them, but at the same time you also want to earn some extra income.

But does Mommy Jobs Online fulfil this need or not?


The Earn From Home Categories

Is Mommy Jobs Online a ScamThe website seems to be cluttered with all manner of different categories and sub-categories and can be confusing to look at or know where to even start. They refer to their opportunity listings as “Job Banks”, and here are the more popular ones:

  • Virtual Recruiter
  • Transcription
  • Medical coding
  • Professional Services
  • Clerical and Administrative
  • Customer service
  • And more…


The Website Looks Amateurish

Maybe it’s just a small point, but in my opinion a website charging fees to be able to access the available jobs should look very professional. Mommy Jobs Online is the exact opposite. This website looks like it was created with Microsoft FrontPage way back in the year 2000.

I’d say it’s actually a WordPress site, but it just doesn’t look very slick to me and looks like a home-made website run by one person trying to make money from people looking for work. Visual appeal and usability starts to improve once you actually access some of the job boards, though.


How It Really Works

To access most of the advertised jobs on this platform you will first have to set up an account and pay a fee, depending on which Job Bank you want to gain access to. Generally online job websites don’t charge jobseekers fees, but rather charge the advertiser. Not so with Mommy Jobs Online. They sting you with fees before you’ve even had a chance to apply for anything, let alone actually snare a job.

To purchase each Job Bank individually costs $85 per bank, or you can hand over $210 and gain access to everything. They justify their fees by claiming they are saving you the time and hassle of searching for legit work at home opportunities yourself.

The company also host Virtual Job Fairs, where you can mix and mingle with potential employers in an online environment. Mommy Jobs Online also sees fit to charge attendees a $100 fee for this as well, whereas job fairs are usually free for job seekers, whether online or offline.

The whole concept of this website is to offer work at home jobs that can be done from anywhere in the world remotely. You will be working as an independent contractor and not an employee, either getting paid a set fee to complete the work, or an hourly rate. This depends on the job advertiser.


Mommy Jobs Online Fees


Mixed Reviews

After digging a little deeper to see what people have to say about the Mommy Jobs Online platform, there are some rather mixed reviews out there. While some people say they’ve had success and got some pretty consistent paying work, others make the statement that the platform is one big scam and just steals your sign up fee, offering next to nothing in return.

Then there are the people in between, who have had the odd job out of it, but not enough to even cover their $85 access fee per Job bank.


Mommy Jobs Online Positive ReviewMommy Jobs Online Negative Review


Target Audience

The title of the platform suggests it’s targeting moms who want to work from home, but really the target market is anyone who is seeking ways to do some online work, at their own pace and in their own time from home. That could be stay at home moms, dads, or anyone else for that matter. I believe the target market is also likely people who have never tried to work online remotely before and don’t realise that you can line up paid work on various platforms without having to pay a joining fee in most instances.


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What I Like

  • Some of the jobs on the platform are legit
  • Making money online remotely is a real thing


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • I don’t agree with charging job seekers a joining fee, and expensive fees at that
  • This platform seems to exist more to collect joining fees rather than provide a genuine job seeker service
  • There are a lot of mixed reviews and many complaints out there about Mommy Jobs Online
  • The website design looks very amateurish and rather clunky
  • There is no information on who actually runs this online job board


How Much Does Mommy Jobs Online Cost?

As mentioned earlier, to gain access to each different Job Bank individually costs $85 in each instance. If you want to save some cash and get access to the whole lot, pay a one time fee of $210 and the entire site will be opened up to you. There is also a $100 fee to attend any of the Virtual Job Fairs.


Mommy Jobs Online Banner


Is Mommy Jobs Online a Scam?

I wouldn’t say Mommy Jobs Online is a total scam. For me to label it as such it would have to be a case of simply taking the money and running off with it. There are some real jobs here, and some people have made money through the platform.

Having said that, I really don’t agree with them charging job seekers these access fees, nor charging to attend a job fair, which are usually free for job seekers.

The owner/operator of this website chooses to remain anonymous, and that’s never a good sign.

The general consensus is that Mommy Jobs Online doesn’t off very much value at all, with most never even receiving enough online work to recoup their access fees.

There are loads of better options out there, and if you really want to find some remote work, seek out some free platforms to find the jobs.

I’d recommend giving Mommy Jobs Online a miss.


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