Is Recyclix a Scam? Is It a Real Business?



Is Recyclix a scam? Or is “scam” too harsh a word for this money matrix system that goes under the guise of a virtual “waste recycling” scheme? Can it really make its members any money?

Let’s take a look and find out…


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What Is the Recyclix ScamCompany Name: Recyclix

Owner: Dmitri Paladi

Price To Join: €20 to get started

My Rating: 1.5/10



~ The Recyclix Review ~


What Is Recyclix All About?

Dmitri PaladiRecyclix is yet another version of the seemingly ever-popular money matrix. These systems have been popping up all over the place in recent years, and they are especially popular in certain Facebook groups.

From what I could dig up, Recyclix was actually registered in Warsaw, Poland in 2014, by a guy named Dmitri Paladi. The ruse this guy uses to actually make it sound like the matrix performs some other function than a classic Ponzi scheme is this: He uses a waste recycling principal, where members are paying to recycle virtual waste through the matrix and making money in the process.

It sounds kind of stupid, but it’s rather ingenious in a way. At least it’s a different take on the money matrix to anything I’ve seen before.

You see, a money matrix and all those revenue sharing programs you hear about, are all based on the illegal Ponzi scheme system. In order to try and make themselves sound even remotely “legal”, this system needs to claim they actually offer either a service or a product.

In this case the service is the virtual waste recycling. It’s similar to other revenue sharing scams, where they use the purchasing of ad packs as the legitimiser, only here it’s waste and not ads.

It’s all BS of course. There is no actual waste recycling going on. It’s merely a money making matrix like all the others out there. The funny thing is, they actually go quite in-depth into the waste recycling process and opportunities, even though it’s all a ruse. Dmitri Paladi has actually put quite a lot of effort into his money matrix scheme.

In order for Ponzi schemes to keep running and not just collapse under the weight of “investor” payouts, they need to keep feeding money into them via new recruits. In order to achieve this, a certain timeframe is necessary for all cycles of the money matrix. In the case of Recyclix, they rely on a 5 week “recycling” phase for 3 cycles to take place before the matrix cycles to the next level for a particular member.

It can all be a bit confusing as most of these matrix systems are, but at the end of the day that’s a moot point, because the scheme is bogus anyway.

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Target Audience

This system is targeted at people who either love these money matrix schemes, or newbies looking for a way to make a quick buck online. That’s how these things are generally promoted – as a fast way to make cash. However, that’s not really true. Even if the scheme is actually going to pay out, it can take considerable time for this to happen.


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The Pros

  • It’s a new take on the old money matrix idea
  • At least this one has an interesting gimmick
  • You might make money if you have patience, but it’s not likely


Recyclix Example profits


The Cons

  • It’s an illegal Ponzi scheme hidden behind the veil of being an actual recycling system
  • These schemes cannot sustain themselves financially as there is no genuine product or service
  • They use new money to pay old investors
  • Their supposed waste and recycling plants are merely a ruse, a cover to make it look legit
  • They encourage you to keep your funds in the system and not withdraw them
  • They hang onto your investment for as long as possible as they want to keep your money, using the compounding interest ruse as the bait
  • You will likely never make a profit, nor see your initial investment ever again
  • They run their operations from virtual offices
  • The locations of their supposed recycling factories is not made known
  • Recyclix is under investigation by CONSOB
  • Recyclix doesn’t operate a genuine recycling business


Recyclix Recycling Graphic 3


Tools and Training

The tool is the matrix itself. There isn’t really any training, other than how to get more people into the scam. Their website is loaded with information on how the “recycling” process works and how to entice new recruits. You need to recruit others or there will never be any money to pay you out.

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How Much Does Recyclix Actually Cost?

It’s free to join, but your initial investment into the waste recycling program will cost you €20. They actually go into so much detail about the kind of recycling you can invest in, that it almost sounds like a real operation. It’s actually so confusing that I can’t even work out what they’re on about, but I’ll provide a few screenshots.

Recyclix Recycling Graphic 2Recyclix How To Earn


Is Recyclix a Scam?

It’s a Ponzi scheme that’s undercover, a high yield investment program (HYIP). There is no waste recycling going on, despite all the efforts those who invented this have put into making that side of the scam look genuine.

It’s possible you could make a return on your investment, but the owners will try everything to get you to keep your money in the system. They don’t actually want to have to pay everyone out. If they do, the scheme will totally collapse.

I don’t recommend this as a good way to try and make money, and the fact that they’ve gone to so much trouble to set up this ruse, I would trust this money matrix even less than all the others I’ve seen. At least the other ones are upfront about being a money matrix.

The only reason I score it a 1.5 out of 10 instead of zero is for ingenuity. Nothing more than that.

Give it a miss.


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