Is Prime My Body a Scam? Worth Joining or Not?



Is Prime My Body a scam or not? It’s another MLM company selling health and wellness products, but does the business opportunity offer anything different to all the others?

Let’s take a closer look and find out….


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Is Prime My Body a Scam

Company Name: Prime My Body

Founder: Paul Rogers

Price To Join: $39 Enrollment

My Rating: 4.5/10


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What Is Prime My Body?

Prime My Body is a network marketing company started by Paul Rogers in 2013. The company operates with the network marketing distribution model and specialises in health and wellness products, predominantly hemp oil. Recently other MLM companies have opened up promoting similar products. Kannaway is one that comes to mind.

To be honest there are so many MLM companies operating within the health and wellness niche in one form or another that it really is getting ridiculous. To try and sell these products or recruit people into a health MLM really is a tough ask, as the niche has been done to death and is seriously saturated.

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Is Prime My Body a Scam


Prime My Body Products

Prime My Body doesn’t have many products, which can be a good thing as a seller, as you only need to learn about a few, but it can also make things pretty limiting where sales are concerned. The product range basically falls under two categories:

  1. Supplements
  2. Skincare

With the supplements there is hemp oil and a protein superfood. Under skincare there is only the one product, and that’s an expensive tube of moisturiser.

As is the case both in this niche and in the MLM world, prices are sky high due to the compensation plans these companies use to pay their distributors. As an example the moisturiser sells for a massive $66 for a 60ml tube.

That’s by far and away the most expensive tube of moisturiser I’ve ever seen in my life!


Prime My Body Moisturiser


The Prime My Body Compensation Plan

There are always really two main ways to earn when you join a MLM opportunity as a distributor, and they are:

  1. Direct retail sales
  2. Earning money from people you recruit

The mark up varies per product in the small Prime My Body range, and sellers can earn anywhere between 10% up to 30% in profit. That also works as the discount amount for any products people want to purchase for themselves.

Direct sales will only ever make you so much money in a MLM business. The real focus needs to be on recruitment and developing active downlines. That’s the way the compensation plans are designed. If you can’t recruit, it’ll be a real uphill battle to get anywhere as a seller of Prime My Body products.

One of the quickest and best ways to earn with this company’s compensation plan is by selling Starter Kits to new recruits. Sellers earn a 25% commission for each Starter Kit. They call this “Fast Builder Rewards”.

Other rewards and bonuses include:

  • Team building rewards
  • Rank advancement
  • Group volume bonus
  • Residual rewards
  • Matching bonus
  • Leadership bonus
  • Top 10 rookie bonus


Prime My Body Rank Advancement


There are also a number of ranks to aim for in the Prime My Body scheme, and they are:

  1. Star
  2. Star 4
  3. Bronze
  4. Silver
  5. Gold
  6. Emerald
  7. Diamond
  8. Double Diamond
  9. Triple Diamond
  10. Black Diamond

You can read the official 20 page compensation plan here.

Below is a video that explains the Prime My Body compensation plan.

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The MLM Business Opportunity

Although the compensation plan for Prime My Body is a little better than some others I’ve seen, it still faces the same issues that all MLM plans face.

For one, no one gets paid a wage or retainer. All work is done on the promise of commissions and bonuses down the track.

Second, unless you are really great at recruiting, and recruiting members who are very active and enthusiastic, you really cannot succeed at MLM because monetary success all hinges on moving up the ranks within the company.

Thirdly, despite what they say, you never own your own business in any MLM company. The company owns everything. You’re just a sales rep, and you have to pay them for that right.

MLM favours those at the very top of the compensation pyramid. And it’s usually only those people at the pinnacle that earn any decent money.

Essentially the distributors do all the work, the buying and selling, as well as promoting and growing the business through the need to recruit others. Meanwhile, Prime My Body gets all this without having to spend money on wages or advertising.

It’s for the reasons stated above that the MLM business model is so popular with companies that have products to sell. It’s a far better deal for the company than going the retail route. Not a good deal for its distributors, though.


Is Prime My Body An Illegal Pyramid Scheme?

It’s not an illegal pyramid scheme because the company has real products, despite the pyramid structure of their compensation plan. To be illegal Prime My Body would have to rely solely on recruitment and new investor money and not have any products to sell.


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What I Like

  • The compensation plan is a little fairer and more generous than some other MLM companies I’ve reviewed
  • There are not many products to learn about and focus on


What I Don’t Like

  • The health and wellness and skincare niches are super saturated
  • The prices of their products are astronomical
  • Close to 95% of people fail miserably at making money with MLM
  • MLM is one of the hardest ways there is to make a decent income
  • You don’t own your own business
  • It’s only the company owners and the members at the very top that make a liveable income from schemes like this one


Prime My Body Products


How Much Does Prime My Body Cost To Join?

There is an enrolment fee of $39 to get involved, but after that you will be pressured to purchase a Starter Kit. After all, your sponsor stands to earn a 25% commission if you do. Starter Kits can range anywhere from $239 right up to over $1000 or more! Pretty up there.


Is Prime My Body a Scam?

No, it’s not a scam. I’m not a fan of the MLM business model because I think the way they compensate their members isn’t fair. It’s more about taking full advantage of their members and sellers, really. However, that doesn’t make Prime My Body a scam.

The problem with MLM is it’s such a hard way to make money because it relies so heavily on recruitment. If you struggle to recruit new members, then you will be pushing the proverbial uphill to make any real money.

Another problem with this particular company is the niche they’re in. Health and wellness is mega competitive and super saturated.

If the goal is to make some decent money, then this isn’t the best option for you.


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