Is Profit With Alex a Scam or Not? Read This First!



Is Profit With Alex a scam or not? Can the “secret system” of Alex Goodwin really make you mega bucks online every single month? Or is that just sales hype to get your money?

Let’s take a closer look and find out…



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Is Profit With Alex a ScamCompany Name: Profit With Alex

Owner: Alex Goodwin

Price To Join: $37

My Rating: 1/10



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What Is Profit With Alex?

The very first thing you’ll learn about Profit With Alex is that it’s supposedly a “secret system” for making money online. No one else knows about this goldmine, and Alex Goodwin – who says you can easily make around $38k a month with his program – is willing to reveal his lucrative secret to all of us for a mere 37 bucks.

Sounds like a hell of a nice guy.

If he’s making so much money and doesn’t mind sharing, then why not just offer his secret for free? Or, if his secret system is really that lucrative, why not sell it to others for a premium price if it’s worth so much? Why the $37 price tag?

Claims like these always raise my suspicions, and rightfully so. Many scams make claims like these, stating ridiculous amounts of money and saying how easy it all is.

Anyone who has dabbled in making money online for years will be able to tell you that it’s far from easy. It’s highly possible and doable to make great money online, but it’s never quick and easy. Especially not at the very start.


Is Profit With Alex a Scam

How It Works

Apparently Alex has developed some super software that exploits a glitch that can make us a lot of money online. Unfortunately, Alex never actually goes on to explain what this glitch is and how his program takes advantage of it to produce massive amounts of income.

This is another red flag. Legitimate platforms will happily give details of what they’re about. Scams, on the other hand, are always extremely vague about details, hiding behind a veil of dollar figures, and how everything will be super easy and run on autopilot. In other words, avoiding giving any real information, but instead pressing the buttons of what people really want to hear, and believe.

The only thing he really does tell us is that his software creates a website for us where we can promote Amazon products as an affiliate and earn commissions when people make a purchase on Amazon through our affiliate link.

If that’s Alex’s secret, then that’s no secret at all. I already have websites doing exactly that and so do millions of other affiliate marketers out there.


Is Alex Goodwin Even Real?

Maybe he is, or maybe he isn’t. I wasn’t able to unearth any real information on this guy. His name could simply be an alias. That doesn’t necessarily mean what he’s offering is a scam, but generally if a platform is as lucrative as he makes out, there will be some information somewhere on Alex Goodwin’s success story.

Profit With Alex


Limited Spots Available

I see this ploy used time and time again. Both real opportunities and scams use this to get people to hurry up and act.

With regards to the Profit With Alex system, there is no time limit or limited positions. Refresh the page and the counter refreshes back to where it started. It’s all BS designed to get you to pay up before you have a chance to think or, God forbid, do any research into his platform and realise it’s bogus.


The Mega Discount

Alex also goes on to claim that his program normally sells for a whopping $497, but today we can get on board for the super special discount price of just $37.

Again, just another ploy to get us to hurry up and act and part with our money. Likely the only way Alex makes any money with his system is when he sells it to others.

While it’s not impossible to make tens of thousands of dollars a month with affiliate marketing – people do achieve that level of success – it’s not going to happen overnight like Alex claims, and it will likely take years of hard work to reach that kind of income level.


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Some Issues To Consider

To become an Amazon affiliate, Amazon first wants to view the website you will be promoting products on. If it’s some cheap, cookie cutter website like the one Alex is likely to provide you with, Amazon will not approve your affiliate account.

Another important point is this: Without lots of website traffic, you won’t make any Amazon sales, and therefore earn zero commissions, even if you do miraculously get an Amazon affiliate account approved. No generic, cookie cutter website is going to rank in the search engines and get the kind of traffic you need. To make $38k a month you would require a phenomenal amount of traffic; especially at the low commission rates Amazon pay.


Target Audience

This is aimed at the get rich quick crowd in my opinion. Experienced marketers are not going to fall for this crap. Alex really tells us nothing other than how much money we will make. He doesn’t really go on to enlighten us much further than a vague reference to promoting Amazon products.

Perhaps he’s an affiliate for a platform like DS Domination or some such thing, that works on retail arbitrage between Amazon and eBay?


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What I Like

  • Affiliate marketing is a legit business that can prove to be very lucrative if done right


What I Don’t Like

  • Alex is extremely vague when it comes to offering up details about his secret system
  • I can’t find any information on this guy
  • There’s no way anyone is going to be making the amount of money he claims in quick time and with very little effort
  • Profit With Alex is all about BS and sales hype just to get you to part with your money
  • There are no “limited spots available”
  • The price isn’t discounted. It’s always $37
  • Why would this guy even want to sell his so-called mega money making system to us for a lousy $37 anyway?


How Much Does Profit With Alex Cost?

Alex claims it’s normally $497, but you can visit the website any time you like and the price will always be offered at $37. The supposed discount is just more sales hype to get you to act.


Is Profit With Alex a Scam?

The guy uses scam tactics to get you to buy, and also hypes the hell out of how much you can make and how easy it will all be. To me this smells of a scam, but I can’t categorically state that it is one. His software may make you small amounts of money, if you’re lucky, but his sales tactics are definitely not very transparent and honest, so I would suggest to steer well clear of this program.

If you want to check out the Profit With Alex sales page, click here.


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