Is Shoemoney Network a Scam or Worth Joining?



Is Shoemoney Network a scam? Can Jeremy Shoemaker’s rewards system really make you much money, or is it a total waste of your time?

Let’s take a peek and find out…


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Is Shoemoney Network a ScamCompany Name: Shoemoney Network

Owner: Jeremy Shoemaker

Price To Join: Free to join + Upsells

My Rating: 3/10



~ Shoemoney Network Review ~


What Is Shoemoney Network and How Does It Work?

The Shoemoney Network is also known as Blog Ninja and it was created by down on his luck Jeremy Shoemaker.

This platform is free to join, but you will have to spend money to get involved and make money.

Initially there will be a bunch of basic tasks for you to complete and each of these tasks will earn you $1. You need to complete one phase before you can move onto the next, and by the time you have completed all the phases you will have earned yourself $15. Not huge money, but a start.

Is Shoemoney Network a ScamSome of the ways you will earn one dollar include:

  • Share a link on Facebook and click it
  • Buy a domain name and hosting package on Bluehost
  • Set up a Google AdSense account
  • Get a free trial on the GetResponse email marketing platform
  • And so on…

What you will find is that Jeremy is an affiliate of Bluehost, GetResponse and some other platforms he mentions. When you join these platforms through his links, he receives a commission for being an affiliate.

There’s nothing wrong with this, but he needs to be more honest about the process. And is there really any benefit to you to follow his system and pay for these tools in the first place?

Once you have gone through the various phases of purchasing the tools, setting up an email autoresponder in GetResponse and starting the basics of your WordPress website, you will then start writing some content for your website blog. He doesn’t specify anything about choosing a niche or what to write about, just create your first blog post on “something”.

After this you are advised to apply for your Google AdSense account. This will fail. Google will take one look at your empty one page website and decline your application. You need a decent amount of content on a particular theme to get accepted into the Google AdSense program.

After we reach this stage we are introduced to the Shoemaker affiliate program, for which you earn 25% for each new person you refer. 25% of exactly what, I’m not sure. One dollar maybe? I’m assuming it’s 25% of the money your recruit earns for completing the steps. If they complete all steps Jeremy says he’ll pay you 100%, so I figure that’ll be $15.

It’s actually worth it to Jeremy to do this, because he is an affiliate of both Bluehost (who pay a $65 commission for new referrals) and GetResponse (who pay 33% commissions on all accounts). You start off with a free trial with GetResponse, but after 30 days you will need to upgrade to the minimum account which is $15 a month. And that’s a residual commission every month.

So while Jeremy might pay out a total of $30 to new recruits and the people they recruit, he’s still making a profit. Which is the real thrust of this system – affiliate commissions for Jeremy Shoemaker, likely more than double what he’s paying out.

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Jeremy Shoemaker


Target Audience

This is really targeting people who are new to making money online and don’t really know what to do, what to focus on or how to get started. Unfortunately what Jeremy offers isn’t going to be much help to you other than earning $15 and actually paying out way more than that for the required tools.


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Tools and Training

You have to buy your tools, as in the Bluehost account and GetResponse account. As far as training goes, there is a little bit in the way of rather basic and generic videos explaining the processes of the 15 steps, but certainly nothing very ground-breaking or informative to build a profitable business on.

There are a couple of cool bonuses though, such as an interview with Tim Ferris, author of the best selling book the 4 Hour Work Week, as well as some tips on marketing and a few other interviews.


What I Like

  • It’s free to join, except for the mandatory upsells
  • It’s an easy way to earn a couple of dollars
  • You might learn a few very basic skills in setting up a website and GetResponse autoresponder

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What I Don’t Like

  • It’s not really free
  • There isn’t enough training to really get you started and up and rolling with anything
  • Jeremy is mostly just after affiliate commissions from his associated affiliate programs with the Shoemoney Network
  • There is no training on focusing on a niche, doing keyword research, or proper SEO to get search engine traffic
  • No direction on which direction to take your brand new website
  • The training is extremely basic and doesn’t go in-depth enough to be useful


Shoemoney Network Tasks


How Much Does Shoemoney Network Cost To Join?

It’s free to join the actual Shoemoney Network, but the very moment you begin you have to start spending money. To get the great monthly rates for Bluehost web hosting, you are required to commit to at least a year, or up to 3 years of hosting to get the cheapest rate, and you have to pay for that all upfront. So that will set you back well over $100. GetResponse have a free trial, but it’s only free for 30 days, after which you will be up for a minimum of $15 a month until you cancel.


Is Shoemoney Network a Scam?

It’s not an outright scam, but it is a little on the dodgy side. All Jeremy Shoemaker has created here is a series of steps (excuses) to be able to earn affiliate commissions from the people who join his network.

In all honesty I think this product is a waste of time and money. It won’t teach you anything particularly useful or long-term, and it will cost you more than you make from Jeremy. I’d give it a miss. If you want to get started online with something more beneficial, read below.


You Can Make Money Online

I do it with affiliate marketing. That’s sort of what Jeremy has you start out doing, but his platform just doesn’t really take things any further or really teach you what you need to know. Once he has your commissions from the upsells, he doesn’t really care after that.

I can introduce you to a much better training platform that teaches you how to set up a profitable website from the very beginning so you can earn great money with affiliate marketing. There is a free trial and only one upgrade option that gives you web hosting included, plus a whole host of other benefits.

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2 thoughts on “Is Shoemoney Network a Scam or Worth Joining?

  1. Darren, thanks for your review on this program. Did you actually give this shot and if so, are you still using it?
    I would think that this is just another online hustler who is, as your review states, only interested in his own affiliate commissions – do you think Bluehost or any of the other vendors he wants his victims to sign up for would drop him if they saw what he was offering people?
    Thanks again for taking time to share this.


    • Hi Dallas,

      No I didn’t buy into the Shoemoney Network scheme. Not really my thing, taking a small percentage of another affiliate’s affiliate commissions. I would rather promote my own affiliate products and earn more.

      I don’t think Bluehost would drop him, because I believe they have a two tier affiliate system in place anyway.

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