Is The Four Percent Challenge a Scam? Or $10k Per Month In the Fast Lane?



Is The Four Percent Challenge a scam or worth joining? That’s the real question. Apparently you can be making $10k per month with this scheme in quick time, but is that really possible, or just fancy sales talk?

Let’s take a look and uncover the truth…



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Is The Four Percent Challenge a ScamCompany Name: The Four Percent Challenge

Owners: Vick Strizheus

Price To Join: $49/Month ($1 Trial Offer)

My Rating: 6/10



~ The Four Percent Challenge Review ~



I created this website to help people discover various ways to make money on the internet. Unfortunately the online world is riddled with make money scams, so I do my best to expose scams, platforms that aren’t worth your time or money, as well as good online opportunities. It’s always wise to research something before joining, so I’m glad you found your way to this review.


What Is The Four Percent Challenge?

Right off the bat site owner, Vick Strizheus, promises we’ll be able to make over $10,000 a month in very quick time with his Four Precent Challenge program. Now while making that kind of cash online is highly possible, it’s still a bold claim to make, so can the platform live up to the statement?

Vick Strizheus (along with Jason McClain) brought us the High Traffic Academy a few years ago, and Vick made similar claims of being able to take members from $0 to $10k in fast time. The Four Percent Challenge is extremely similar to High Traffic Academy.

Basically the system focuses on building an email list and making money through email marketing. You’ve probably heard the phrase “the money is in the list”. Well, that’s what this platforms bases everyone’s success on.

It’s essentially a training platform that teaches you, from the ground up, how to make money online with an email list. Vick has years of experience in this area and considers himself a traffic generating master. The training is broken down into bite-sized, easy to digest chunks so as not to be overwhelming and is quite simple to follow. Vick calls these his “daily dose of success pills”.

There are a total of 3 challenges in the program and they are:

  1. Level 1: $0 – $10k Challenge
  2. Level 2: $10k – $100k Challenge
  3. Level 3: $100k – $1 million Challenge

In order to go on to the next phase, you actually have to achieve each challenge’s goal, so in order to advance to Level 2, you must have achieved the goal of making at least $10k on Level 1 and so on. Reaching the pinnacle of the third level would be an awesome goal to accomplish.


Is The Four Percent Challenge a Scam


How It Works

Email marketing requires a number of processes to work, and that’s what Vick teaches in his course. You’ll be shown how to sign up with an email service such as GetResponse, set up autoresponder emails to be sent out on autopilot, designing landing pages, thank you pages, newsletters, email blasts and so on.

Email marketing and list building is used by most businesses with an online presence these days, but the idea of The Four Percent Challenge is to really take things to another level and fully cash in on the power of email marketing done the right way.

What Vick teaches isn’t anything new or ground breaking, but the way he’s mapped out his training, he’s made it a step by step process that comes together piece by piece.

This process doesn’t involve building websites and getting organic traffic through writing heaps of content. It focuses solely on email lists and driving traffic to landing pages via paid advertising and other methods. The landing pages where you send people are designed to do one thing – capture email addresses so you can start building your list and marketing affiliate products to your subscribers.

One problem with relying solely on marketing to your email list, is your subscribers get tired of you trying to sell them stuff. Not that every email should be a promotion, but you can only email the same people about the same products so many times before they would unsubscribe from your list.

Email lists are a great asset, and every online business should be building one, but to have longevity and a genuine online presence where you can build your brand, you really need to build and establish a website, developing customer relationships and gaining that all-important trust.


The Four Percent Challenge Process


The Training

Let’s briefly take a look at what each level of the training teaches you as you work your way towards that million dollar goal.

Level 1

This level of the training teaches newbies to email marketing how to select great affiliate offers to promote, getting traffic, setting up autoresponders, creating landing pages to capture email addresses, and aiming for a minimum goal of earning $10,000.

Once your autoresponders are set up, you will also learn how to create email messages to add to your autoresponder and promote your affiliate offers.

Level 2

Here Vick teaches members to scale things up by 10X to head towards that $100,000 goal. Learn how to be an influencer in your niche and discover the value of strategic market stacking

Level 3

The goal is to continue to apply what you’ve learned and really take things to the next level as you head towards a 7 figure payday. This phase is about massive scaling and establishing yourself as a real authority in your chosen niche.


Target Audience

The Four Percent Challenge is aimed at anyone who wants to make money online, with a goal of spending what’s necessary and doing the training to go after the big bucks. You will need a bankroll, as well as the dedication to learn, and time to put into building and scaling your email marketing business.


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What I Like

  • There is loads of good training involved in this platform
  • Vick has many years of experience with email marketing and does know his stuff
  • Email marketing can be a very powerful and lucrative marketing tool


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • The Four Percent Challenge focuses a lot on just promoting The Four Percent Challenge to others
  • Getting traffic to your landing pages without getting visitors organically, means you need to continually spend on paid advertising
  • Email marketing is only a part of the overall online marketing mix. I think it would be hard to base your business and income solely on selling things to your email list
  • Some email capture pages can look overly salesy and spammy
  • This platform is not cheap


How Much Does The Four Percent Challenge Cost?

At the moment you can get started with a $1 limited time trial to check it out, after which it jumps up to $49 per month if you decide to continue. This fee is to be a member of The Four Percent Challenge and the training that comes with it.

If you want to be an affiliate of this scheme, you need to pay $19 a month for the right to promote it to others and earn commissions from sales.

There will also be other fees along the way, such as for building landing pages, having an email service, possible hosting for your landing pages (if not included with your landing page builder membership), and then there’s paying to send traffic to those landing pages so people will sign up to your list.

The monthly bill for your paid traffic could end up being anything. If you want serious traffic to your landing pages, then expect to be spending thousands of dollars on PPC campaigns and Facebook ads each month.


The Four Percent Challenge


Is The Four Percent Challenge a Scam?

There’s no scam going on here at all. Email marketing can be very lucrative, but done the way Vick teaches it will cost you some bucks every single month. There are a number of pieces to the puzzle when you don’t get any traffic organically, so you can’t avoid spending money on paid traffic.

Vick is very experienced in the online and email marketing world, and the training he offers here should work, provided you have the time, dedication, patience and budget to make it all come together.

Just know beforehand that this is not something to get into if you don’t already have some money behind you. If money is currently tight, then The Four Percent Challenge isn’t right for you at this time.


Why Not Do What I Do? I Know It Works!

I do some email marketing as a part of my affiliate marketing business, but most of my traffic comes in organically from search engines to my website.

Affiliate marketing is an awesome business model, because it’s so simple. You don’t need your own products, to buy and sell stock, take orders or ship anything out. All you really do as an affiliate is promote existing products and services and earn commissions when a sale is made through your promotions.

I’ve been doing this for years now and my business continues to build in income month after month. One of the key reasons to my own success was the training I did that showed me the right way to do it. You can make great money online as an affiliate marketer too if you are shown how.

I’ve written a FREE guide that explains how to get started, and you can access it by clicking on the banner below.


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