Millionaire Edge System Review – Can You Make $300k a Month With This?



What is Millionaire Edge System? A scam? I’d heard a bit of talk about this make money scheme so I decided to take a look at it for myself and see what the deal is. The unknown creator claims people can make up to $10k a day with it, but is that for real, or just a sleazy sales pitch?

Let’s take a look and discover the truth…



Millionaire Edge System ReviewCompany Name: Millionaire Edge System

Owners: Unknown

Price To Join: $97 + Upsells

My Rating: 0/10



~ Millionaire Edge System Review ~



My website is all about helping people find legit ways to make money online. This includes training platforms as well as money making ideas and schemes. I write so many reviews of make money products and training so my readers can sort the good from the bad and avoid the scams in the process.

Some stuff is really good, some is average, and some it’s best to steer well clear of.

The very fact that you’re here reading this review means you’re wise and like to do some research before joining anything. That’s always a good idea, especially online.

Let’s see if Millionaire Edge System is any good or not.


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What Is the Millionaire Edge System?

The catch cry of the sales pitch is that you can be making a massive $10,000 a day if you join the Millionaire Edge System. For a 30 day month, that would mean amassing a mammoth $300k!

Pretty impressive figures to quote right off the bat. Wouldn’t we love for this to be true.

This is promoted like your typical (mythical) get rich quick online scheme. These systems are a dime a dozen, but all they do is hype up the dollar figures and how easy it all is, without actually telling you much about what you’ll be doing to make all this wonderful cash. They also don’t tell you that for the most part they are speaking absolute bullshit.

It’s also apparently a secret system (another over-used ploy), and you have been especially invited to take part.

We don’t know who exactly runs the show here, but the salesy guy doing the video claims to be a millionaire, and that you’ll soon be able to smash your alarm clock and quit your day job once you pay up to join his magical platform.

All you have to do to be making $10,000 a day is master 6 very simple steps and you’re on your way. To add a bit more spice to the make money recipe, we’re also told we barely have to lift a finger to make this kind of cash. You only have to work for about an hour a day, so that equates to making $10,000 per hour!

Does it get any better?

Of course, this is all just sales talk to lure people in by telling them what they want to hear. I’ve seen it thousands of times before. Legit programs don’t tend to over do the hype like this. It’s almost always scams that sell on major hype, or platforms that simply can’t deliver on their promises.

In all honesty this system is dodgy as hell, but there are legit ways to make money online, such as affiliate marketing. It's all pretty straight forward when you follow the Wealthy Affiliate training. You can join up for FREE!


Millionaire Edge System Review


The Dude In the Video Is a Paid Actor

It’s rather funny, but the guy presenting the sales pitch has appeared in videos for so many make money online (MMO) programs that I’ve seriously lost count of how many videos I’ve seen him in.

He’s a paid actor from the freelancer site, Fiverr. Many people hire professionals to do their videos, but the problem I have is these scams make out like the actor is the real person running the show.


Steve Banks Fiverr Actor

Millionaire Edge System Actor


What This Is Really About

Basically this site is just a cover for something else, a feeder site that funnels unsuspecting victims through to another expensive, high ticket platform where you’ll be strenuously encouraged to really spend up big in order to make money.

I’ve seen it all before. MOBE do it. Aspire do it. Six Figure Mentors do it. And so do scores of other schemes and similar systems.

The way these schemes work is like this:

You buy in at the base level. You are then taught how to sell the same high ticket platform to others. The platform will be broken down into a series of digital products and trainings, with prices for some costing in the tens of thousands of dollars.

As you progress through the training you’ll be continuously encouraged to keep buying more products, or preferably go all in and buy everything.

Why do they want you to do this?

Because they make a shitload of money off you for one, but the other reason is that you aren’t allowed to earn commissions on a product you haven’t first purchased yourself. If you sell something you don’t own, you forfeit the commission, and that commission could be worth $1000s.

You only ever learn how to sell the same program you bought into, so it’s very limited in scope and growth potential as far an a genuine online business is concerned.

Essentially you need a very big bankroll to get going, then have the time, patience, skills and tools to be able to talk other people into joining and spending up big.

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Aspire Slogan


The Target Audience

These high ticket schemes always sound like they’re targeting newbies to the make money online space, but in reality you need to be a skilled marketer to be able to sell them and start making a profit.

You also need to have some serious spare cash to get started. Generally to buy all the products in these schemes can cost well over $50k!

That’s a lot of dollars for a beginner looking to get started online, and most people just end up failing and getting burnt.


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What I Like

  • You can potentially make some big money with these high ticket schemes


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • The income hype for this one is nothing short of ridiculous
  • No one is going to be making $10k a day as soon as they join this. More like they’ll be spending $10k
  • High ticket platforms are designed to suck as much money out of you as possible, while at the same time promising huge earnings if you first spend up big
  • The website is full of lies and deception
  • Millionaire Edge System is nothing but a feeder site for something else
  • No money making scheme has been invented here
  • The owner chooses to remain anonymous
  • The person presenting the video is a paid Fiverr actor
  • You’ll need a huge bankroll to buy into this, plus great marketing skills to then sell it to others


How Much Does Millionaire Edge System Cost?

The starting price is set at $97, but this will just be buying you a basic entry level into a scheme such as MOBE or something similar. From then on you’ll be assigned a success coach who’ll continuously coax more and more money out of you.

If you were to buy everything so you can earn commissions on everything, likely you’ll be out of pocket over $50k. That’s big bucks to spend before you’ve even made a cent in income.


Millionaire Edge System 10k


Is Millionaire Edge System a Scam?

I’d rate the Millionaire Edge System a scam, because the whole website is full of deception and uses bait and switch tactics to lure unsuspecting budding entrepreneurs into something else entirely.

Nowhere in the sales pitch is there any mention of what you’re really joining, or how you’ll be making this wonderful $10k a day as promised.

I’ve seen so many of these fake feeder sites around. It’s really getting ridiculous. And even if the high ticket platform they feed you into is real, it’s such a tough sell trying to peddle products that are so expensive to others.

You’ll just lose a fair chunk of your money. Not recommended at all.


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Lifestyle Freedom is Time and MoneyEven though I can’t recommend joining Millionaire Edge System, it’s not all bad news. There are loads of great ways to make some money on the internet. Reading reviews helps you avoid the dodgy stuff and find the good stuff.

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