Fast Earners Club is a Scam or Not? Can You Really Make Money In the First Hour?



Fast Earners Club is a scam or not? Many people have either been asking the question or claiming it’s a scam, so I decided to dig in and take a look at it myself. The person behind Fast Earners Club claims we can make money within the first hour of joining, but is that really the case, or just typical sales hype to suck people in?

Let’s take a closer look and discover the truth…



Fast Earners Club Is a ScamCompany Name: Fast Earners Club

Owners: Unknown

Price To Join: $39 + Upsells

My Rating: 3/10



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My Many Income Streams website is all about helping readers find legitimate ways to make money online, or find good training that shows you how. It’s for this reason that I write product reviews on make money schemes and training programs. This enables people like yourself to be able to find the good stuff while steering clear of the bad.

The internet is a combination of really good opportunities, products that are average or mediocre, and then there are the make money scams.

The very fact that you’re here reading my review means you are far less likely to ever get scammed online, as you’re willing to do some research first before joining anything. That’s always a wise idea.

Let’s see if Fast Earners Club can live up to its own hype and provide people with something decent or not.


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What Is Fast Earners Club?

It’s a catchy name for an online make money scheme, that’s for sure. I mean, everyone wants to know that they can earn money and make it fast. Who really wants to have to take a slow route to make some cash?

So Fast Earners Club have already successfully pressed one essential emotional trigger right from the get go with the very name of their website and program.

As far as initial sales pitch videos go, this one is on the short side at only 6 minutes in length. Many of these pitches ramble on for half an hour or more, so that’s actually a good thing in my opinion. Not so much fluff to sit through.

The only problem is, the video doesn’t tell us enough. It fails to actually mention HOW we’re going to be earning all this fast money. It just tells us that we WILL be making money fast.

The fallacy is that it’s all quick and easy to make money online compared to doing anything offline. Yes, in some cases it can be quicker and far cheaper to do an online business, but generally it still takes time and effort before you start to see fruits of your labour.

Perhaps one of the few exceptions is if you were making money with something like online gambling or matched betting.

When it comes to an online business or some other sort of internet enterprise, it still takes time, so when someone claims they’ve got a legit money making system that will generate income instantly, I’m not only skeptical, it raises a huge red flag for me.

Fast Earners Club is a product sold on the digital marketplace – ClickBank. Some products on ClickBank are okay, such as their very own training program called ClickBank University, but a lot of the make money products are generally pretty average at best.


Fast Earners Club Is a Scam


How It Works

This particular product is a series of PDFs that are designed to teach you how to earn money online with three methods and four training modules:

  1. Fast Earners eCommerce (Introduction to eCommerce)
  2. Fast Earners eBay (Selling on eBay)
  3. Fast Earners Amazon (Amazon FBA)
  4. Fast Earners Shopify (Drop Shipping)

Now I know how all these programs work, and not one of them will start making anyone money right away. More likely it would be months down the track.

You could earn some fairly instant money selling some unwanted stuff on eBay, but not by setting up a proper eBay business. As far as Amazon FBA goes and drop shipping, these take time as first products and suppliers have to be sought, then there’s product samples and testing, setting up accounts and deals and so on. The list goes on.

Each PDF covers each of these methods, except for the first one, which serves as an introduction to eCommerce, and discusses things like making a Shopify store and so on.

The AZ Code is a similar ClickBank product which focuses on Amazon selling. These training programs like this one are a dime a dozen. They’re literally everywhere.


Fast Earners Club Banner


You Won’t Make Money Within the First Hour

That’s what the claim is with Fast Earners Club, but that’s total hogwash. None of the methods taught can even remotely have a chance of making money that fast. More like months, except for maybe eBay.

This is merely a line, a sales ploy, to get people excited enough to hand over their cash for the training.

I mean, if it were true, who wouldn’t want to hurry up and get their hands on this training and get started, knowing they’ll be making money within the hour.

Unfortunately it’s all a BS fantasy.


This Will Take a Lot of Work

Whoever invented this training claims that there is hardly any work involved. That’s a blatant lie. There is loads of work involved in the methods taught here; especially in the first few months where you’ll be researching and setting things up, a period of time where you’ll be making zero dollars as well.

Once Amazon FBA or a drop shipping enterprise has been established and is running smoothly, yes the workload will drop off considerably, but there is a ton of work to be done for quite a lengthy period before you’ll reach that coveted position.


Fast Earners Club Banner 2


A Few Other Problems

For starters, whoever created this course doesn’t really go into enough detail to teach you how to effectively get set up and earning with the 3 methods described.

Another important point is there is no real focus on how to get traffic to your website, eCommerce store or Amazon sales pages. Without traffic there will be no sales, so whether it’s free search traffic, solo ads, paid advertising on Facebook or whatever, traffic is essential or your online business will be dead.

In fact, if you do want to learn how to get traffic and have a chance of making money, you have to pay for an upsell which offers some insights on various traffic generation strategies.


The Target Market

This one could be targeted at newbies and more experienced marketers alike. However, I think most experienced marketers wouldn’t see a lot of value in what’s being taught here, so more likely aimed at newbies who are looking for a way to get started making money online.


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What I Like

  • You can make money – decent money – via eBay, Amazon and with drop shipping
  • The initial price isn’t expensive for this training
  • 60 day money back guarantee


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • There are too many lies and false promises in this sales pitch
  • No one will be making money within the first hour with these methods
  • You need traffic and lots of it to successfully run an online business like Amazon FBA or drop shipping
  • It’s advertised as requiring very little work, but that’s a blatant lie as well, as there will be loads of work involved in the initial stages especially
  • The website is loaded up with fake testimonials
  • Way too much unrealistic hype in the sales pitch
  • Fake countdown timer


How Much Does Fast Earners Club Cost?

The starting price to get your hands on the 4 PDFs is $39. However, once you’ve looked through that training and realise you’ll need traffic to make any of the taught methods work, you’ll be thinking you need to shell out a further $149 for the upsell which shows you how to drive traffic to your Amazon pages or eCommerce store.




Is Fast Earners Club a Scam?

Others are claiming this is a scam, but I don’t think so. I don’t recommend it, because it’s pretty light on and a lot of untruths have been told to try and lure people in, but you do get something for your money.

Drop shipping, selling on eBay and using Amazon’s Fulfilled By Amazon feature are all genuine ways to make money online. The person behind Fast Earners Club is not lying about that part. That said, there’s no way known anyone is going to be earning money quickly with what’s taught here, so the name of the scheme is a total contradiction.

You can check out the official Fast Earners Club sales page here.


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Even though I can’t recommend Fast Earners Club to anyone, the news isn’t all negative, as there are many great ways to earn money online, and some top notch training platforms that show you how to do it. Researching via reviews helps you to weed out the crap and locate the gems.

My main income earner online is affiliate marketing. What I love about this business is it’s super cheap to do, and the process is so simplistic that anyone can learn how to do it successfully and make money. It’s one of the simplest businesses there is, in that it’s not complex at all.

Apart from being cheap to do, affiliate marketing also leads to earning streams of passive income, where you do the work once and still earn from it for months or years to come. You get to work from home and all round enjoy a higher quality of life as a result.

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