Survey Voices Reviews – Does It Really Make You Money?



Is Survey Voices a scam or not? That's the question many people are asking online. Is it worth doing online surveys for money? Or is it mostly just a waste of valuable time because they only pay out in peanuts?

Let’s take a closer look and find out the truth…


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Survey Voices ReviewsCompany Name: Survey Voices

Owner: Reward Zone USA, LLC.

Price To Join: Free to join

My Rating: 1/10



~ Survey Voices Reviews ~



The internet is full of ways to make some money, whether a little extra on the side or something far more substantial. I created this website to help my readers find the legit ways to make money while avoiding the many make money scams in the process.

I'm really glad to see you here reading my review of Survey Voices. It proves you're smart and do your homework before joining anything. That way you're far less likely to ever fall for a scam or waste your time on something that's simply not worthwhile.

Let's now see how Survey Voices stacks up.


What Is Survey Voices and How Does It Work?

Online surveys – I’ve done plenty of them in the past. They’re not hard, but are they worth your time? What sort of money can you really make?

Survey Voices is actually a conglomeration of a number of survey companies, rewards platforms and online games. Some include:

While the 3 listed above are legitimate, Survey Voices also tries to connect people with platforms that are dodgy scams, so you need to be selective. In fact, I've come across a number of survey platforms similar to this one that also attempt to connect people with online scams.

Survey Voices also make the bold claim that you can make over $300 a day with their system. In my opinion, based on experience, that is absolutely impossible. In fact, you would be lucky if you had enough time in a whole week to make $300 from rewards sites and taking online surveys.

All Survey Voices is about is referring people to other platforms so the owners of Survey Voices can get paid a commission for the referrals. There's nothing wrong with that if everything they are referring you to is legit and in your best interests, but that's not the case here. 

They openly promote scams on their site and send members to those scams just so they can earn commissions. Like I said, there are some legit platforms they are hooked into, but many are not. Survey Voices is very risky for this reason.

In my opinion you would be better off vetting which sites might be good to join, do a little bit of research, then join those sites individually without taking the risk of going through Survey Voices. After all, you don't need to join through them anyway.

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Survey Voices Banner


Target Audience

Anyone who wants to make a little bit of pocket money online. People who are new to making money online and want an easy way to get started. Surveys can be a good way to make your first money online and get a taste for it.


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Tools and Training

Each platform you decide to join will have it’s own set of tools, but you don’t really need any training to do surveys and some of the other mundane tasks the rewards platforms will have you doing.

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The Pros

  • It’s a one stop shop to find survey companies and rewards platforms to join


The Cons

  • They promote way too many scams on their site just so they can earn commissions
  • You don’t really need Survey Voices at all as what they offer is rather redundant
  • Doing paid surveys makes hardly any money for your time
  • It can take a long time to reach enough rewards points to get paid out
  • It can also take a long time to actually receive the payout, either in dollars or gift cards
  • All these sites are a waste of valuable time


How Much Does Survey Voices Cost To Join?

It’s free to join Survey Voices and it’s usually free to join the variety of paid survey platforms and rewards sites. However, some of the scams they promote on their site will charge you money, money you are likely just throwing away.


Is Survey Voices a Scam?

In concept Survey Voices is not a scam, but they do openly and enthusiastically promote a number of known scams on their platform. They do this simply because they want to earn referral commissions.

On top of that, taking paid surveys is lucky is if pays out a few bucks an hour. The same thing with the rewards sites. You waste a lot of your valuable time for virtually nothing, time that you can’t get back.

Join some individual survey or rewards sites if that’s what you really want to do, but I‘d do it outside of the Survey Voices platform. You don’t need them.


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