WP Engine – Specialized WordPress Hosting


WP Engine - Specialized WordPress Hosting


About 20% of all websites on the internet today are created with the WordPress CMS platform. That’s one fifth, accounting for around 75 million websites worldwide. And that’s a hell of a lot. As a WordPress user myself I believe there are definite advantages to specialized WordPress hosting, and one of the very best players in the hosting market is WP Engine.


The WP Engine Brief

WP Engine offers sophisticated hosting for WordPress users, whether you’re a big business or a personal blogger. They host nothing else other than WordPress sites and live and breathe WP. WordPress is their passion, culminating in a hosting platform that fully understands how to get the most out of WordPress as far as performance and stability goes, as well as the many nuances specific to WordPress and its massive user base.

Currently hosting some 50,000 WordPress sites in more than 120 countries, WP Engine provides the very best in customer service while delivering innovative technology via their fulltime labs team and engineering staff.

The whole idea behind the variety of hosting plans available at WP Engine is to give you and your business every chance of success with your online presence by developing a platform specifically suited to WordPress and being able to get the very best out of WordPress sites.

Sure, you could go the shared hosting route of one of the more budget hosting platforms such as Bluehost, but there are genuine advantages to managed WordPress hosting and we’ll take a look at those.


Shared VS Managed WordPress Hosting

Shared hosting is great for small websites and from a financial point of view. There are so many cheap hosting packages out there that it really is a bonanza for anyone creating websites. But shared hosting also has its pitfalls. For starters, your website will likely be hosted on a server shared by thousands upon thousands of other bandwidth-hungry websites, slowing down site loading speeds and possibly making your site crash altogether occasionally. There will also be low restrictions on storage in place as well, further limiting your growth potential at that budget price.

If you really don’t care about site performance or stability, then by all means save some dollars and go the shared hosting route with one of the multi purpose, generic hosting companies. On the other hand, if you want the very best for your WordPress website, and your business, then managed WordPress hosting is absolutely the way to go.


Pros Of Managed WordPress Hosting

Dedicated servers and less websites sharing the same server. Plus, managed WordPress hosting has architecture designed specifically for WordPress, ensuring a more stable website, a faster page loading experience for the end user (highly important), and increased levels of security in multi layers. These security measures have been fashioned specifically for WordPress sites, targeting areas where the WordPress system itself can be prone to hackers and doubling down on the prevention of any website infiltration.

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Automatic backups are also a process implemented by WP Engine, so you have peace of mind that your website and all its data are safe should something go wrong. If ever your site suffers a glitch, simply contact support and have the latest backup deployed to restore things as they should be.

You and your website have much more scope for scalability and growth. There is also superior support with managed hosting such as that offered by WP Engine. Remember, you are dealing with a crew that are both passionate about WordPress and are WordPress experts, so when you host with a managed service in the form of WP Engine you are getting the very best of everything, and will be dealing with a team who fully understands you, your site and what your needs are.


Cons Of Managed WordPress Hosting

As with everything in life there are some negatives to managed hosting. The most notable one is the price. Managed WordPress hosting – whether with WP Engine or one of the generic hosts who offer managed WP hosting – is always more expensive than simply dumping your website on a generic shared server. It’s not really a negative as such, but the service does cost more.

In some cases there may also be a limit on the number of plugins you can use, or the type of plugins. It can be a case of the servers already performing the function of the plugin, or there could be a security risk attached to certain plugins.


Host With WP Engine

There are really way more positives than negatives when it comes to managed WordPress hosting, and the benefits for your website and/or business are tremendous. If you are serious about the future and growth of your WordPress sites, then I sincerely recommend you try one of the hosting packages on offer over at WP Engine.

Read my review of WP Engine here.

They really are the best for managed WordPress hosting in my opinion.



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  1. I just started using wordpress and have to admit that at first there was a lot to learn, but as I continued to use it, it became much more easy to use.

    They make it so that everything works well with each other when it comes to plugins and other tools. The price can be a bit much, but I think it is worth it.

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