7 Figure Freedom Formula Is a Scam or Make $30k a Day?



7 Figure Freedom Formula is a scam or not? You can get started for just one dollar and allegedly make up to $30k within 24 hours, but is that really the truth or just a hyped-up promise to hook you in?

Let’s take a closer look and find out the truth…



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7 Figure Freedom Formula Is a ScamCompany Name: 7 Figure Freedom Formula

Owners: Bill & Michelle Pescosolido

Price To Join: $1 To Get Started

My Rating: 1/10




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Chances are you’re here reading this review because someone recommended you join 7 Figure Freedom Formula, or you saw something about it on social media and wanted to learn more about it. With so many scams and dodgy money making schemes online it’s always a good idea to do some research like you are right now.

On my website I do my best to highlight any good stuff I come across – whether it be make money schemes or training to make money online – as well as bring your attention to the scams and expose them.

Let’s see how 7 Figure Freedom Formula stacks up.


What Is 7 Figure Freedom Formula?

7 Figure Freedom Formula Is a ScamCreators of 7 Figure Freedom Formula, Bill & Michelle Pescosolido, claim they’ve been making as much as $30,000 within a 24 hour period with their system and that we can achieve this kind of success as well if we join up.

That’s a very massive claim, and a really hyped up income figure. It’d be awesome if it’s possible, but is it?

They even go on to claim that a regular Texas family has hauled in over a million dollars by simply copying exactly what Bill & Michelle Pescosolido do.

I always get suspicious when I hear huge income claims like these. I’m not saying it’s impossible to make that kind of money online, but it makes me suspect that a program is a scam when all I’m greeted with is loads of money hype.

Adding further to the hype is the statement that you only need to put in between 30 minutes and 1 hour of work per day to achieve these income dreams.

So, to sum up so far, we can make as much as $30k a day with just one hour of work or less per day.

This sounds like the ultimate money making scheme.

So many of these types of platforms attempt to lure people in by simply telling them what they want to hear. I mean, just about all of us would love to find something that rakes in the cash for very little time or effort on our part. It’s like the ultimate dream lifestyle. This is designed to get people so excited they’ll be begging to sign up.

In reality it is possible to set up lucrative income streams that come in passively, but it takes time and work to reach that point, as well as decent training to show you how.

Further to the 7 Figure Freedom Formula sales pitch. Basically if we join, all we have to do is accomplish 2 steps to get started, then a success coach will be assigned to us and that coach will guide us in creating a 7 figure online business.


7 Figure Freedom Formula Steps


How It Really Works

To be honest, after digging a little deeper, I discovered that the 7 Figure Freedom Formula doesn’t even really exist. The website created by Bill & Michelle Pescosolido simply acts as a feeder site, a funnel into another program entirely.

What program is that?

A platform called MOBE, which I’ll talk about more in the next section.

I’ve come across so many MOBE affiliate sites like this one, where they claim to have invented their very own money making system, when in fact they are simply affiliates of MOBE and trying to get people to join the ultra-expensive MOBE program. So many MOBE affiliates use this ploy of lies and deception to get people in, that I’m almost convinced MOBE teaches them to use these tactics.

MOBE Banner

More On MOBE

You can read my full MOBE review here, but I’ll briefly sum up how it works in this section for the sake of convenience.

MOBE has been around for years now. It was started by Australian entrepreneur, Matt Lloyd, and is a high ticket training program that teaches people how to make money online. There are a lot of products and training over at MOBE, but it’s all focused on teaching people how to sell the MOBE system to others.

It’s all about affiliate marketing, but the only affiliate products you promote are MOBE ones.

When you join MOBE you enter into their 21 Steps program, where you will be assigned your success coach, who is really just a MOBE sales rep whose job it is to convince you to keep buying expensive MOBE products. Your success coach will entice you to go all in and buy everything MOBE has to offer, which will cost you more than $60k to do so.

Why do they do this?

Money for MOBE for starters, but the way the MOBE affiliate program works, in order to be eligible to earn a commission on a particular MOBE product, that MOBE affiliate has to buy the product first. Therefore, if you want to freely earn on everything MOBE, then you have to buy everything in MOBE.

Essentially you buy into a system and then try and sell that same system to others so you can make commissions.

Look, if you can recruit people and sell high ticket products to them, there are huge commissions to be made, but you must first spend up big time to be in a position to make those commissions.

Simply put, most people won’t be able to afford the majority of MOBE products, so making those mega commissions will remain but a dream.


Target Audience

I believe MOBE tends to target newcomers to making money online, as experienced marketers generally shy away from these high ticket schemes that only promote themselves and nothing else. Online marketers want to be able to earn from a number of different sources and not be restricted to just the one. 7 Figure Freedom Formula is also targeting people hoping to get rich quickly with their sales pitch.


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What I Like

  • MOBE is legit, but that’s about it


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • I really don’t like the way these MOBE affiliates make out like they’ve created some new make money system when they haven’t
  • This platform is just a feeder site to funnel people into MOBE
  • 7 Figure Freedom Formula doesn’t really exist
  • MOBE is high ticket and mega expensive
  • It’ll be extremely hard to sell MOBE products to the average person
  • To go all in will cost you more than $60k
  • The success coach is just a MOBE sales rep
  • You’ll be working way more than one hour a day to have a hope in hell of making anything even close to what they claim


How Much Does 7 Figure Freedom Formula Cost?

MOBE costs $49 a month to join at the base level. What’s being offered here at 7 Figure Freedom Formula is a starting price of just $1 for a 7 day trial, after which you’ll then pay a further $48, followed by the regular $49 a month.

Once you enter the MOBE sales funnel known as the 21 Steps, that’s where you’ll be hit with upsell after expensive upsell, and to go all in costs somewhere in the vicinity of $64,000 or so.

Can you afford that much money just to be eligible to earn commissions on everything? Do you think you can sell products to others that cost that much so you can eventually earn back your huge investment and start making a profit?


Passive Payday Cost of Mobe


Is 7 Figure Freedom Formula a Scam?

MOBE isn’t a scam, but unless you have money to burn and can confidently sell the same system to others who have money to burn, then I can’t recommend it at all.

As far as the 7 Figure Freedom Formula goes, well it’s nothing but an empty shell. It’s just a website created by MOBE affiliates to sucker people into joining the MOBE program and entering into their massive sales funnel.

I’d give it a miss.


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Lifestyle Freedom is Time and MoneyNot everything online is a deceptive waste of time or mega expensive. There are plenty of valid ways to make money on the internet and lots of training that is worthwhile. If you can avoid the scams and the so-called online gurus, then you will see the good stuff.

I do affiliate marketing for a living and do quite well out of it. This is a simple online business that anyone is capable of doing successfully with the right training and a desire to live a better lifestyle. The income potential is uncapped and running an affiliate marketing business is super cheap (so long as it’s not something like MOBE).

Even if you don’t want to make a fulltime gig out of it, affiliate marketing is also an awesome way to make some extra cash on the side in your spare time.

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