Work At Home Institute – Scam or Real?



“Work At Home Institute” – scam or real? What’s the deal? It sounds too good to be true. Can it really be that easy to make more than $10k a month?

Let’s take a closer look and find out…



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Work At Home Institute Scam or RealCompany Name: Work At Home Institute

Owner: Bobbie Robinson

Price To Join: $97 + Many Upsells

My Rating: 0/10



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What Is Work At Home Institute?

This website advertises a work from home job or internet career where you only have to spend one hour a day doing work for them and you can earn around $379 each and every day. That adds up to about $12k a month.

Pretty good cash for approximately 30 hours of work for the month.

Too good to be true? Yes.

Work At Home Institute is a website run by a group of people (no one knows who they are yet), who keep recreating the same dodgy deal over and over again. I’ve written reviews on a bunch of these fake websites now, as you’ll see below.

Work At Home Institute Scam or Real


Examples Of the Same Scam, Different Websites

There are many I’m yet to review, but so far I must have reviewed at least a dozen or more of these sites and they are definitely all the same thing run by the same people. Here are just a select few that I’ve reviewed:

  1. Auto Home Profits
  2. Massive Online Paydays
  3. Extreme Home Paycheck
  4. Online Jobs Now
  5. Instant Income System

Almost every day it seems I come across yet another one I haven’t seen before. These websites keep popping up like mushrooms.

What Is Auto Home Profits


As Featured On TV…Fake

This site claims its platform and job program have been featured on the major news networks. If you look at the banner at the top of the Work At Home Institute website you’ll see logos for CNN and the like. Some of the sites even go so far as to play video footage where the presenter is talking about people making mega bucks from home working online. However, the footage is generic and doesn’t mention these scammers’ programs at all.

Fake News Banner


Aliases For Site Owners

Bobbie Robinson is portrayed as the brilliant individual behind the Work At Home Institute. It’s not her real name and she’s not even a real individual. With their fleet of sites under varying site names, these scammers sometimes introduce a new name and sometimes repeat the same names. Below is a brief list of some names that have been used more than once:

  • Michelle Robinson
  • Emily Hudson
  • Karen Evans
  • Michael Anderson
  • Cami White
  • Kelly Simmons

When they post photos of the alleged brainchild behind something like Work At Home Institute – either on the website or some bogus advertising somewhere – these people just grab stock photos from photography sites and put a fake name to it. In this case it’s Bobbie Robinson.

Bobbie Robinson Scam 1Bobbie Robinson Scam 2


Limited Positions Available Tactic

Genuine businesses and scams alike love to use the scarcity tactic. This is achieved either with a time limit or limited positions available. Work At Home Institute and its friends prefer to use the limited positions available “in your area” ploy.

They want you to hurry up and join before you’ve had too much time to think things over. Or, worse still for them, you’ve had time to research the Work At Home Institute. Because then you’ll soon discover what a scam it is. They don’t want that happening. They want your money.

“Act now, think later” is their tactic.


Freelancers Write All the Praise

Work At Home Institute and all its sister sites will all have super positive testimonials on them; either in video or written form. The videos feature actors and the written testimonials have been commissioned from freelancers with a brief to follow.

In the testimonials the freelancer plays the part of someone who has signed on with the incredible Work At Home Institute, heaping praise on the platform and talking it up about how much money they’ve made and how their lives are so much better for having found this amazing opportunity.

It’s all fake!


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What Is the “Online Job” or “Internet Career”?

Technically what they are promoting here is a form of affiliate marketing. The job is all bogus anyway, but let me explain.

What Bobbie Robinson would have you believe is that big companies will pay you great money for every affiliate product link you post somewhere on the internet. Companies will pay compensation for this, but not the way Bobbie says.

Affiliate marketing is very real. You post affiliate links in your website content, on social media and the like. If someone clicks through your link and makes a purchase, you earn a commission. It’s how I make my living.

But what Bobbie Robinson is proposing, is that these big companies will pay you like $15 for every single link you post somewhere, regardless of whether anyone takes any action or not.

That’s total BS! This doesn’t happen. Why would companies pay for random link posting of this fashion? They wouldn’t. And how the hell would they even know how many links you’ve posted so they can pay you the mythical $15 fee?

The job is fake. It’s only purpose is to lure you into the platform with a promise of easy daily cash that will set you up for life.


Accelerated Income Link Posting


What Does Work At Home Institute Really Want From You?

The whole  idea is to draw you into their sales funnel. What they really need from you is your initial (non-refundable) joining fee and your:

  1. Name
  2. Email address
  3. Phone number

Once you’ve stepped inside their trap and they have your most important details, then all the fun begins. Instead of kicking back after spending an hour a day to make nearly 400 bucks, you will instead be hammered with upsell after upsell. You will be told over the phone that you can’t make the promised money until you purchase these other expensive products and training. Even if you buy the upsells you still likely won’t make any money. This mob just wants to take your money, not help you make any.

There is also the possibility that your details will be sold to other hyper-enthusiastic marketers who will be spamming your email inbox, text messaging you and calling you up.


Target Audience

Many people search online for opportunities to make some extra money these days, hoping to find something that doesn’t take too much time and they can fit in around their regular work schedule. Work At Home Institute conveniently provides the ultimate solution. This is the main target market these parasites prey on.

Their scheme also appeals to the get rich quickly mentality. As humans, we’re all prone to that, unfortunately.


Discover How To Fast Track Your Financial Success


Red FlagThe Red Flags and Things I Don’t Like

  • They make false promises and the “job” is false advertising
  • You will be hit with nothing but expensive upsells
  • Other marketers will be getting in touch with you when WAHI sells them your details
  • Link posting is not a real job or career
  • They have never been featured on the news
  • The testimonials are all fabricated
  • Actors are used to play the parts in their videos
  • The money claims are outrageous
  • There are at least 20 or 30 sites out there all promoting the same scam
  • Aliases for the site owners
  • High-pressure sales tactics


How Much Does Work At Home Institute Cost?

The price to join Work At Home Institute is $97, but sometimes this is discounted to $77, or even $47. Any price is too much to pay for this empty opportunity.

If you join and buy the upsells they deluge you with, it will likely cost you many thousands of dollars more, and you will still be no closer to making any money online.


Is Work At Home Institute a Scam?

In my honest opinion this definitely fits the definition of a scam. They don’t give you the high paying job they promise. All the advertising is false. The videos, testimonials, news endorsements are all fabricated. In fact, the entire website and alleged site owner are fake.

This is a scam to fleece you for as much cash as they can squeeze out of you. It’s nothing more than that.


Make Money Online Like I Do!

I do affiliate marketing for a living. Yes, link posting is involved, but the links mostly go naturally within my website content. I also post things on social media from time to time and do email marketing. I only get paid if someone clicks through on a link and takes action, like making a purchase. Commissions can be anywhere from 2% right up to 100%. It depends on the platform and the product. One product I promote pays me $400 per sale!

Affiliate marketing is a real gig, but not the way Work At Home Institute go about things.

These days I make really good money from my affiliate marketing business. It does take some time and effort to get things kicking along, but if you really want to work at home online and live an abundant lifestyle where you’re free to do whatever you want when you like, then this is truly the ultimate business to achieve just that.

I credit much of my success to the fantastic training I did to learn this business, and you can do the same. Click the banner below for more information on affiliate marketing and how to get started.


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Darren Burton

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I am an author, online entrepreneur and internet marketer. I work from home and anywhere else in the world I choose to work. I've been making a living online since 2010, and you can do it too. I'm here to help.

2 thoughts on “Work At Home Institute – Scam or Real?

  1. Hi Darren! I remember back a week or so ago issuing comments based on an article review that you wrote in which you called Digital Altitude a complete scam. As part of my response I provided info that the U.S. Feds had shut down this fraud company.

    Well, I’m glad to report that the same thing has happened to work-at-home institute. This bogus company that promised, for a fee of $97 plus upsells that a member could easily earn several grand a month by simply, among other things, successfully completing online surveys was also shut down by the U.S. Feds back in the fall as without a shadow of a doubt, the entire opportunity was even more of a scam than Digital Altitude.

    This fraud company even had the audacity to state that major news networks such as CNN and MSNBC endorsed what they had to offer as far as online opportunities to make money. A bunch of bunk!

    As you indicated in your review the testimonials which polluted the entire site were all fake coming from people who do not exist being able to legitimately match a name with a face. Plus, among the other ventures that was available at WAH Institute, posting links/banner ads online to earn money for an individual, as Fortune 500 companies such as Apple, Dell, and Hewlett Packard simply did not have the personnel to do so themselves was something that only a complete naive fool, born yesterday would have believed.

    As scam site after site all continue to get shut down permanently, perhaps at some point in the future money making venture seen online will all be legitimate.


    • Glad to hear this version of the scam has been shut down. Unfortunately these same scamemrs have dozens of these scams, all promoting the same thing, just under different names. They just keep reinventing themselves.

      Everything about Work At Home Institute was fake: the news endorsements, testimonials, link posting job, getting paid by Fortune 500 companies, and the list goes on.

      Thanks again for leaving a great comment and letting us know.

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