Is 50K Mission a Scam? Is It Mission Impossible?



Is 50K Mission a scam? Is this platform mission impossible, or is it really doable? It’s yet another binary options trading system, but is this one any better than all the other duds out there?

Let’s take a closer look and see…



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Is 50k Mission a ScamCompany Name: 50K Mission

Owners: David Howell and a Covert Group Of Wall Street Investors

Price To Join: $800 Minimum Investment

My Rating: 0/10



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What Is 50K Mission?

For starters, they claim that this system is limited to only 25 lucky people. The opening sales video tantalises our senses with glowing testimonials from apparently everyday people. These people have been blessed by 50K Mission and have made a killing on the stock market with binary options trading.

And this was all made possible by the “new and improved” binary options trading platform that the kind folk at 50K Mission provided those lucky people.

Now the doors have been opened again to another 25 lucky participants to take part in the mission of making stacks of cash (I guess the figure would likely be $50K) in just 30 days!


50K Mission Fake Reviews

You will see his face in the video for 50K Mission.


How Does it Work?

If you aren’t too sure what binary options trading is about, it’s a dumbed down or simplified version of regular trading. Instead of placing normal trades, you basically take a 50/50 bet on which direction a certain stock, commodity or currency is going to go and by how much. This means you have a 50% chance of getting it right.

What the 50K Mission and many others provide is a software trading platform that takes care of these 50/50 bets (and it is gambling) for you, so you just put your money into the system, press the magic button and sit back, relax and count the cash. Some of these platforms predict their bots are 100% accurate, which means you will never, ever lose.

What a load of crap!

No automated software is going to be able to accurately predict, every single time, which way a trade is going to go and by how much. Even the greatest trader minds on Wall Street can’t predict that accurately.

Markets are highly unpredictable, even for the most experienced, and you can’t program software to be able to predict overall trends, or notice something happening in the world economy that will affect the markets in a few days or weeks time. Plus, software doesn’t have instincts, and sometimes that’s what’s required to get that winning trade most other people missed.

50K Mission and all the other bogus binary options trading, magic money making machine software out there just sell the hype. They sell the dream, the flash cars, the fancy houses and the decadent lifestyles. They want you to put your money in so they can take it from you. Pure and simple.

That’s not to suggest there aren’t any genuine trading platforms out there, but when it comes to binary options and these push button systems, almost all of them are just outright scams.

I’ve reviewed a number of these systems on this site and they all peddle the exact same deal. They feature actors in their videos, reading from scripts, claiming they’ve made an absolute killing with the software. All of this is designed to suck people in, get them feeling hungry for some of that cash so they’ll gladly hand over theirs to the broker.


Target Audience

There’s nothing wrong with wanting more money or an extravagant lifestyle, but these parasites feed on that dream and instil a sense of greed and urgency to do just about anything to make that dream a reality. They have to, or people would have too much time for clarity of thought and research, and likely not join the scam. These platforms certainly are not aimed at more experienced traders who would instantly see through their bullshit.


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What I Like

  • I like the idea of fast cash, but it’s not going to happen with 50K Mission


What I Don’t Like

  • The program sells on Clicksure, an affiliate platform known for listing many scam products
  • These people sell a bunch of hype, but don’t back it up with anything concrete
  • They use actors for their videos and testimonials
  • Binary options trading scams are a dime a dozen these days
  • No automated software can accurately predict the markets like these people claim
  • The program creators and the brokers make money whether you win or lose, but if you lose they’ll make more
  • Bee Options is a totally unregulated broker based in the UK
  • There are numerous positive reviews of 50K Mission out there, by they are all reviews of affiliates promoting 50K Mission for a commission


50K Mission Results

These are alleged results for 50K Mission.


How Much Does 50K Mission Cost?

These platforms always say they are free, and in a way they are, because they let you use their software without having to purchase it. But you always have to put in a minimum amount of money to trade with. Most of the others I’ve reviewed set that amount at $250. 50K Mission want a minimum investment of $800. That’s pretty steep for anyone who just wants to play around with it and see how it goes.

50K Mission also insist you donate $50,000 to charity once you’ve made your first half a million dollars with their trading platform. These guys are so thoughtful.


Is 50K Mission a Scam?

I believe just about all of these binary options trading platforms that promote an automated trading bot are scams. They quote ridiculous accuracy figures which, if were true, there’s no way the creators would let us even get a sniff of their platform, let alone invite us to use it.

Accurate software that makes money on the stock market on complete autopilot is an absolute fantasy. It’s not impossible to make some money, but with an automated system, there’s no way you’re going to get rich out of it if you’re not controlling the trades yourself.

Schemes like this one are a lot like gambling, so you might have better luck with this lotto system.


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