Is Invia World a Scam or a Great Cryptocurrency Investment Opportunity?



Is Invia World a scam or a great cryptocurrency investment opportunity? This looks like another cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme, but is that what it is?

Let’s take a closer look and find out….



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Is Invia World a ScamCompany Name: Invia World

Shareholders: Daniel Zdesar, Stefan Huber, and Stefan Scharfl

Price To Join: €100 Minimum

My Rating: 1/10



~ Invia World Review ~


What Is Invia World and How Does It Work?

Based in Austria, Invia World is said to be a platform designed to help those interested in cryptocurrencies mine profits in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and other digital currencies. One of the guys running the show was involved in a prior cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme called “Questra Austria”, which is a subsidiary of “Questra World”.

The idea is to invest in this scheme at various membership levels with Euros, but be paid out in cryptocurrencies, presumably of your choice. Their hardware – which is Invia World’s attempt at providing a product for their scheme to legitimise it – helps to connect cryptocurrency miners from across the globe in one big mining pool, cleverly named the “Miningpool”.

At the end of the day this is a revenue sharing scheme like thousands of others out there, only they pay out profits in digital currencies rather than in dollars or Euros.


Invia World Products

The only real “product” they have is their computer hardware network, which they claim they need to continually inject investor money into to keep everything up to date and operational so miners can mine digital currencies.

Oh, and they also need your money to continually update their software to search the internet for the best mining opportunities.

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The Invia World Compensation Plan

While Invia World masquerades as a cryptocurrency investment and mining platform, what it really is all about is a revenue sharing MLM scheme, where members buy in (invest) in the scheme, then actively try to recruit new investors so they can earn profits from their recruits.

Here’s a breakdown of the 6 different mining packages and what they cost to buy into:

  1. Entry Miner = €100
  2. Starter Miner = €600
  3. Basic Miner = €3500
  4. Pro Miner = €7000
  5. Pro Plus Miner = €10,500
  6. Founder Miner = €25,000

The various profit margins they quote for their packages are based on an investment term of 36 months, or 3 years. That’s a long time to wait for a payout in a scheme like this one. Likely it won’t even still be in existence by then.

Of course, earning profits won’t happen until to get busy recruiting. This is where the MLM structure comes into play. Once you invest in a particular package, in order to earn a profit you must recruit others into that same package. Your recruits then recruit more people and so on. You can earn commissions 8 levels deep, from my understanding, and obviously the more expensive the mining package to buy into, the more potential profit you can make. To earn commissions from a certain membership level, you must first buy into that level yourself.

The bottom line is this: If you fail to recruit anyone, you won’t make any money whatsoever from this scheme.


Invia World Mining Mix


Is Invia World a Ponzi Scheme?

This fits the definition of a Ponzi scheme perfectly, as there are no products or services changing hands, just money. In order to make any money you must recruit new investors so you can earn a profit from them. Investors dry up and the whole scheme collapses. That’s a Ponzi scheme, and investing in something like this is extremely risky.


Target Audience

This one is targeted at those new investors seeking to capitalise on the huge interest in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The problem is, this isn’t a real investment scheme or mining operation, it’s just a revenue sharing scheme with a very limited life span. Some people love schemes like this, whether the payout is in regular money or cryptocurrencies, but like I said, the risks are very high.


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What I Like

  • I guess the multiple cryptocurrencies is something I haven’t seen in one of these schemes before
  • The creators of this have been involved in other cryptocurrency revenue sharing schemes (but I’m not sure if that rates as a positive)


What I Don’t Like

  • It’s nothing but yet another Ponzi scheme cashing in on the popularity of cryptocurrencies
  • The scheme is doomed to fail at some point, after which most investors will simply lose their money
  • These schemes are everywhere, whether they use regular money, Bitcoin or whatever
  • As soon as investor money dries up the whole scam falls apart
  • The creators make money no matter what happens
  • This is far too expensive and way too risky to consider investing in, in my opinion
  • The company is not transparent when it comes to divulging information about themselves or their operation – no specifics


How Much Does Invia World Cost?

The minimum investment is €100. In order to be eligible to earn from every membership level, you would have to go “all in”. This would cost you a total of €46,700. Pretty damn risky if you ask me. That’s a lot of money to risk on a Ponzi scheme that may collapse at any given time.


Invia World


Is Invia World a Scam?

While it’s remotely possible you could make money with Invia World, it is an illegal Ponzi scheme from what I can see, so therefore somewhat of a scam. I won’t say outright, because you might make some profit. However, in all likelihood, when the scheme collapses – and it will collapse, these schemes always do – the creators will have pocketed large sums of your money, that you’re waiting for a return on investment from.

Once Invia World falls apart at the seams, the guys running the show will simply run off with a booty of Euro while most investors are left with nothing to show for their investment except a face red from embarrassment for investing in this con to begin with.

Ponzi schemes can’t last forever. Somebody has to miss out. But the owners always make sure they’re covered no matter what. For starters, they hold onto all the investment money and only pay out profits at their choosing. Most of these schemes charge a fee per transaction, which goes to the owners.

Invia World could collapse tomorrow, leaving thousands of investors out of pocket, while at the very same time the dudes steering the ship are laughing all the way to their Swiss bank, or wherever they choose to stash their cash (your cash).

Give this one a huge miss.

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