True Momentum by Paul Mampilly – Scam or Legit?



True Momentum by Paul Mampilly – Is it a scam or a legit program? This self-professed guru really knows how to talk things up, but can he truly deliver on his promises of a winning strategy?

Let’s take a closer look and find out…


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True Momentum by Paul MampillyCompany Name: True Momentum

Owner: Paul Mampilly

Price To Join: $1995

My Rating: 3/10



~ True Momentum by Paul Mampilly Review ~


What Is True Momentum?

Paul MampillyPaul Mampilly, a self-professed trading and money making guru, really knows how to talk the talk. He claims we can be making over 300% gains with his strategy.

But what is his strategy? What do we do to make these awesome gains?

Well, for starters the sales pitch on his site is rather misleading and full of the usual sales hype that I’ve seen all too many times before. Of course, when you’re selling or promoting a product, you do need to talk it up. But that usually involves talking about what you’re offering and how it will benefit the customer and make their lives better.

So many products, training programs and platforms (and not just scams) focus nearly all their attention on how much money people will make and barely make a mention of anything else. Yes, we all want to know that we can make plenty of cash, but we also need to know how we’ll be doing this.

Something about Paul Mampilly’s True Momentum reminds me a lot of Freedom Checks, also known as Real Wealth Strategist by Matt Badiali.

Also similar to Real Wealth Strategist was the way the presenter of the sales video ran through a slide show, displaying testimonials of all these ordinary people who claim to have made stacks of cash from Paul’s advice. In fact, I’ve seen the faces in the testimonials before, used to heap praise on other make money programs out there.

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True Momentum by Paul Mampilly


How It Works

Paul Mampilly has been involved in other schemes over the years, such as Profits Unlimited. He is definitely an entrepreneur as well as an experienced stock market trader.

After going through the sales pitch and then showing us the testimonials, Paul then leads us into a supposed “live stream” (it’s not really live). Paul then informs us that he has a major announcement, which happens to be that people can grow their investment portfolios by 300% over the course of the next year.

Does he mean increase the size of one’s portfolio by 300%, or make 300% percent extra in profit? He doesn’t really explain this and there is a massive difference between the two scenarios.

Whichever way it is, the way to achieve this impressive increase is by buying into Paul’s True Momentum system.

True Momentum is merely the strategies Paul uses to choose stocks to invest in, ones with the best chance of a 100% ROI over the next 12 months. Out of all the stocks available at any given time, Paul states there are only around 24 each year that are worth investing in, and he knows exactly which stocks they are each and every time.

His system targets companies and stocks that have taken a dive, but ones that he believes have the potential to bounce back and bounce back big. He also says he’ll suggest an “explosive stock” that everyone can take advantage of to cash up within mere weeks, rather than waiting around for a whole year to see 100% return.

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What You Get With True Momentum

True Momentum is a newsletter subscription that provides members with the latest stock trading information and what’s hot to invest in. This is some of what you get when you become a paid subscriber to Paul’s newsletter:

  • Weekly Updates
  • Trade Alerts
  • Website Access
  • Quick Start Guide
  • True Momentum Trading Portfolio

True Momentum Testimonials

Target Audience

Definitely aimed about people either already involved in trading stocks, or new time investors seeking the best information on what stocks to invest their money in for a positive ROI.


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What I Like

  • Paul very likely has some decent stock tips for investors
  • He’s been heavily involved in the stock market and trading since 1991


What I Don’t Like

  • A one year subscription to his newsletter is super expensive
  • Some people have complained that the stocks he recommended didn’t pay off
  • Others have complained of being overcharged on their subscriptions, or an inability to cancel
  • Banyan Hill is the exact same publisher who publishes the Freedom Checks newsletter for Matt Badiali
  • The testimonials on the sales video are faked


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How Much Does True Momentum Cost?

$1995 is the current price for a one year subscription to the True Momentum newsletter. That’s a very hefty price tag for just some information that may or may not pay off. Worth it if Paul’s tips are really on the money, but if they’re not, then the price is a rip off in my opinion.


True Momentum Testimonials 2


Is True Momentum by Paul Mampilly a Scam?

I don’t believe this is a scam, but the price of the newsletter subscription is through the roof. Paul might offer some good tips or he might offer duds. Unless people are doing some sort of insider trading, no one can really accurately predict which stock can offer a minimum 100% ROI within 12 months.

Paul’s advice is based on stocks that have recently taken a plunge, but they likely plummeted for a reason and that doesn’t mean they are going to bounce back.

But the thing is this: If Paul has enough newsletter subscribers who all buy the stocks he suggest to buy each month, then this combined “all at once” action will cause those stocks to momentarily rise in value. Does Paul have these shares himself, and then sells them the moment his followers all buy that stock and inflate the price?

Something to take into consideration and keep an eagle eye on, at any rate.


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